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Binance Launches P2P Trading for Chinese Yuan

News Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched peer-to-peer trading for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT) against the Chinese Yuan (CNY). In an announcement published on Oct. 9, the exchange revealed that the service will be initially available to Android users who already have..

Japan’s Kanto Region to Track Surplus Solar Energy with Power Ledger

News Australian tech firm Power Ledger will run another blockchain-enabled energy trading trial in Japan’s Kanto region by December 2019. In order to launch its second trial in Japan, Power Ledger teamed up with Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex, the firm stated ..

Power Ledger Goes to Rural Australia to Trade Surplus Energy via DLT

News Australian blockchain energy startup Power Ledger has launched its first trial of peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading technology in rural areas. Energy monetization for outlying settlementsAccording to a blog post on Sept. 9, Power Ledger has launched pilots outside of a metropolitan area in We..

Israeli Financial Authority to Accelerate Blockchain, Fintech Licensure

News The Capital Market, Insurance and Saving Authority, a division of Israel’s Ministry of Finance (MoF), is looking to accelerate the process of procuring licenses for blockchain and fintech companies in the country. Israeli business news outlet Calcalist reported the development on Aug. 19. Acc..

Bank of America Files Patent for Multi-Tiered Digital Currency Wallet

News United States-based investment banking company Bank of America (BofA) has filed a patent for a digital currency wallet with multiple layers of asset access. The proposed wallet would accept different passwords for different amounts of funds requested. The United States Patent and Trademark O..

Dash Releases Upgrade In Response to Newly Exposed Vulnerabilities

News Dash has released Dash Core v0.14.0.3, a new version of the wallet and P2P client for its cryptocurrency DASH in light of recent transaction spikes on its mainnet. Security upgradeDash Core announced the news in an official blog post on Aug. 15. According to the announcement, Dash was hit wi..

Bitcoin.com Appoints New CEO as Roger Ver Leaves Position

News Bitcoin.com has appointed Stefan Rust as the company’s new chief executive officer as Roger Ver leaves the post, according to an announcement published on Aug. 2. Rust will continue working on the development of the company’s new products and services that promote peer-to-peer electronic cash..

BTC Peer-to-Peer Trading Rises Amid Ban on USD in Zimbabwe: Report

News Bitcoin (BTC) trading in Zimbabwe has continued to surge after the government banned the use of foreign currencies on June 24, business news agency Quartz Africa reported on July 10. The country is reportedly seeing a rise in peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading as there are no local exchanges o..

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