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Atari Partnership Paves Way For Token Adoption

Benjamin Pirus 30 minutes ago Atari Partnership Paves Way For Token Adoption Atari's new partnership sets the stage for builders to incorporate the gaming powerhouse's token. 1241 Total views 30 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News Atari has partnered with blockchain-as-a-service, or..

MoneyGram Reports ‘Quiet Quarter’ For Ripple Partnership

Samuel Haig 2 hours ago MoneyGram Reports 'Quiet Quarter' For Ripple Partnership Major cross-border payments company MoneyGram has reported a “quiet quarter” with regards to its partnership with Ripple. 3089 Total views 57 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News During an earnings call ..

British Payment Firm Checkout.​com Joins the Libra Association

Helen Partz 1 hour ago British Payment Firm Checkout.​com Joins the Libra Association British payment startup Checkout.com has joined the Libra Association, becoming the 24th member committed to building a better global payment network. 1866 Total views 52 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News ..

Polychain Capital-Backed DeFi Alliance Hits 51 Members

News After decentralized finance, or DeFi, markets collapsed in late March 2020, a number of industry players joined forces to support emerging fintech. Today, the Ren Alliance, a new DeFi consortium backed by veteran crypto investor, Polychain Capital, has added another batch of new members. The ..

Italy’s Top News Agency Uses Blockchain to Fight Fake Coronavirus News

News Amid the global pandemic crisis, the importance of ensuring trusted information is getting more crucial as fake coronavirus news poses a direct threat to life and health of people worldwide. While some global jurisdictions are imposing fines and imprisonment for spreading false coronavirus in..

New Tron Partnership Lets Gamers Earn Crypto for Streaming

News Refereum, a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for video game engagement and streaming, has partnered with Tron. The collaboration allows Refereum to pay out its video game streaming users in Tron’s TRX coin, and BitTorrent’s BTT token, said an April 2 statement provided to Cointel..

Solana and Chainlink Team Up To Build A Crazy Fast Oracle

News Blockchain platform Solana has joined up with decentralized oracle solution Chainlink to construct an oracle that updates incredibly quickly. "We recently saw market failures due to congestion on Ethereum, including oracle failures,” Solana CEO and founder Anatoly Yakovenko told Cointelegrap..

P2P Exchange Paxful Teams Up With Chainalysis for Increased Overwatch

News Peer-to-peer exchange Paxful will add security to its operation through a partnership with blockchain analysis outfit Chainalysis. Through a new partnership, Paxful will harness specific technologies from Chainalysis. “Paxful uses the Chainalysis Reactor to conduct deep investigations and the..

Keyless Wallet Provider Zengo Now Holds SGA Stablecoin

News Saga Monetary Technologies’ SGA stablecoin is now compatible with keyless wallet ZenGo, thanks to a recent partnership between the two companies. “ZenGo provides guaranteed access, meaning that even if we stop operating, user funds will remain 100% available for the users to move them anywher..

China Everbright Bank Uses Ant Financial’s DLT for Supply Chain Finance

News China Ever­bright Bank (CEB), a major commercial bank in China and one of the world’s largest public companies, is debuting a blockchain-based supply chain finance solution by Ant Financial. Ant Financial, the financial arm of Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has partnered with CEB to colla..

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