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Double Whammy: NYDFS Approves Binance Stablecoin & Paxos Gold-Backed Crypto

One of the promises of public blockchains is being able to use them to securely issue digital tokens that are pegged to real world assets. However, the “real world” isn’t well acquainted with the cryptoeconomy yet, so for now it’s notable when any important regulatory body gives the nod to digital ..

Paxos Launches PAX Gold, Regulated and Redeemable for Physical Gold

News Stablecoin operator Paxos launched PAX Gold (PAXG), a gold-backed Ethereum (ETH) token. Paxos announced the launch of the product above in a press release published on Sept. 5, claiming that it is “the first crypto-asset redeemable for physical gold.” Furthermore, the New York State Departmen..

Binance Joins Forces With Paxos to Launch USD-Backed Stablecoin ‘BUSD’

News Binance, the biggest crypto exchange by volume, and digital asset trust company Paxos announced its partnership to launch a USD-backed stablecoin, which has received approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Binance USD available later this month In a press rel..

What’s Happened to Gemini Dollar? Supply Down 92% YTD

Demand for Gemini exchange’s native stablecoin, Gemini dollar (GUSD), has dropped significantly over the last 7 months while other pegged-value assets continue to soar. Gemini Dollar Falls Behind The market capitalization of the dollar-pegged token has been on its way down since December 20, 2018. ..

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