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Venezuelan Investors File Lawsuit With US Court in Connection With $30M Crypto Fraud

News A group of Venezuelans has filed a lawsuit with a Florida Federal Court in connection with a Ponzi scheme involving $30 million in cryptocurrency promoted by Canadian investment radio host Harold Seigel. Payment and commerce news outlet Pymnts.com reported today, July 16, that seven Venezuela..

Mob Burns Down Purported Crypto Ponzi Schemer’s House in South Africa

News An angry mob in Ladysmith, South Africa has reportedly torched the residence of Sphelele Mbatha, known as Sgumza, a manager of alleged crypto Ponzi scheme Bitcoin Wallet. The mob was likely a collection of victims who lost money through Bitcoin Wallet, according to the report by Ladysmith Gaz..

Indian Authorities Arrest 4 Individuals Accused of Crypto Ponzi Scheme

News The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of India has arrested Vijay Prajapati, Dhiraj Patel, Kamruddin Syed, and Ashiq Shaikh, the alleged creators of the cryptocurrency KBC Coin, according to a report by The Times of India on July 4. As per the report, the CID argues that KBC is a Ponzi ..

Exit Scam in Wonderland: Bitconnect’s Tentacles From Texas to Gujarat

In depth An American musical preludeBitconnect, the now-defunct crypto lending and exchange platform that has been ousted as a ruinous Ponzi scheme, has memorably been compared by the Silver Miller law firm to the fleeting 2011 Broadway musical “Wonderland,” based on the dizzying impossibilities o..

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