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Cryptocurrency Scams a Massive Problem: 3 Men Charged for $722M Scheme

While cryptocurrencies are but a small drop in the pond of global finance, authorities have only increased their scrutiny of this nascent industry over the past couple of months. Case in point, U.S. authorities on Tuesday revealed that they have charged three men for their involvement in a $722 mil..

From $10M to Zero in 10 Days: ETH Smart Contract FairWin Is Empty

News Ethereum (ETH) smart contract FairWin, recently accused of being the fastest-growing Ponzi scheme on Ethereum, was emptied. According to Etherscan’s data, at press time FairWin’s balance is exactly zero ETH. Yet, the smart contract held over 49,518 ETH just a few days ago on Sept. 26. FairWin..

Massive Ethereum “Ponzi Scheme” FairWin Is Vulnerable, ETH Devs Find

Ethereum Blocks Filling Up As covered heavily by this outlet over recent weeks, the Ethereum network has been seeing more activity than ever before. In fact, the network has been used so much that miners of ETH recently opted to increase the capacity of blocks by 25% — allowing for more transactions..

Report: Ethereum’s Gas-Guzzling Suspected Ponzi FairWin Funds at Risk

News The biggest Ethereum contract in the industry, dubbed FairWin, is allegedly putting user funds at risk and continues to guzzle a major amount of gas on the network. Multiple crypto social media users have been analyzing what they believe to be the fastest-growing Ponzi scheme on Ethereum. On ..

Chinese Ponzi Scam Floods Exchanges And Hits Bitcoin Price

According to Primitive founder, Dovey Wan, the latest Bitcoin sell-off is down to a major Chinese ponzi scheme. Little known outside of China, PlusToken scammed over 200k BTC and 800k ETH, which are now hitting exchanges in batches.Not Another Bitcoin Ponzi Scam Started mid-2018, PlusToken was a ..

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