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Smart Investing: Gold or Bitcoin?

For centuries, individuals and nations alike universally recognized gold as a stable and consistent store of value that could be exchanged between two parties as a form of payment, and it even eventually went on to be the asset backing various paper currencies. Despite this, governments across the ..

Bored With Bakkt? Profit On The Hottest Bitcoin Trading Platform Right Now

Ever since it was first announced back in August 2018, Bakkt has been the talk of the cryptocurrency community. Crypto traders and investors were expecting Intercontinental Exchange’s first-ever Bitcoin futures trading platform to have such an impact on the market and Bitcoin’s supply, that it would..

Beginner’s Guide to Prime XBT: Complete Review

Prime XBT is a relatively new trading platform that lets traders take advantage of the ability to trade major cryptocurrencies with leverage. This makes it possible to trade crypto without having to invest a great deal of money. The exchange aims to overcome the common problems of other platforms, ..

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