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The Evolution of Bitcoin’s Technology Stack

Opinion Over the last 10 years, the Bitcoin ecosystem has attracted developers to dedicate thousands of hours to improve and revamp most of its underlying codebase. Yet, Bitcoin (BTC) is largely the same. The reason for this is that its core set of consensus rules that define its monetary properti..

Telegram CEO: Apple’s iCloud Is “Now Officially a Surveillance Tool”

News Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of major encrypted messenger Telegram, argues that Apple’s cloud service iCloud is “now officially a surveillance tool.” Citing a Jan. 21 Reuters report, Durov claimed that applications like WhatsApp — which rely on iCloud to store private messages — are “part of ..

Chinese Experts Suggest Using Blockchain Tech in ‘Social Credit’ System

News Chinese technology experts held a seminar titled "Blockchain technology helps China's new social credit system" on Jan. 14. English-language news outlet China.org.cn reported on Jan. 22 that over 20 experts from universities, research institutes and businesses attended the event. China’s..

FCA’s New AML Regime – UK’s Crypto Market Will Have to Adapt in 2020

Analysis The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is now the United Kingdom's sole Anti-Money Laundering (AML) authority for the crypto business. After a decade of compliance under a laissez-faire approach to AML legislation, U.K.-based crypto firms now face a significantly more stringent set of..

Tron to Include Zcash-Based Privacy Features, Announces Trusted Setup Ceremony

News Tron (TRX) is set to feature zero knowledge-based privacy through the work of the TRONZ team. A trusted setup ceremony is set to be conducted soon, which Tron claims in a Jan. 17 blog post will “set a new Guinness World Record.” TRONZ is a privacy initiative that is set to integrate Zk-SNARKs..

Zcash Poised to Finally Have Private Transactions on Mobile With SDK Release

News The for-profit developer behind Zcash (ZEC), Electric Coin Co. (ECC), has released on Jan. 15 a set of resources to facilitate the implementation of shielded transactions on mobile. This builds on early tests in 2019 conducted after the Sapling upgrade. The developer released a complete set o..

Privacy and Scalability of Lightning Network Lower Than Expected: Report

News Researchers from cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX have suggested that the privacy and scalability benefits of Bitcoin’s (BTC) implementation of the Lightning Network are less than expected. A report published by BitMEX on Jan. 11 illustrates the researchers’ efforts to determine the growth of t..

Lawmakers Finally Took Data Privacy Seriously — 2019 Regulatory Roundup

New Year Special Data privacy has long been seen as one of the major non-monetary usages of blockchain technology. Many governments and corporations are already running recordkeeping systems based on distributed ledgers to securely store internal data. Tech enthusiasts believe that blockchain has ..

Authors of New York’s P2P ‘Public Venmo’ Bill Hope for Greater Decentralization

News New York lawmakers proposed a bill on a peer-to-peer (P2P) savings and payment platform called the “New York Inclusive Value Ledger.” Introduced by New York State Assembly legislator Ron Kim and Senator Julia Salazar, the bill proposes to set up the “empire state inclusive value ledger establ..

Monero’s Triptych Research Could Vastly Improve Its Anonymity

News The Monero Research Lab (MRL) has released Triptych in a Jan. 6 paper proposing trustless logarithmic-size ring signatures. As Monero’s core anonymity mechanism, research aimed at decreasing their size could improve the coin’s privacy significantly. Monero (XMR) is a privacy coin that uses se..

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