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Learn to Read Crypto and Blockchain Data With Our Simple Guide

CoinMarketCap’s block explorer guide will have you navigating blockchain data like the coolest kid on the block. At CoinMarketCap, we have made it a mission to clearly communicate blockchain and crypto concepts in conjunction with providing data in abundance. Education is one way we empower individu..

Storecoin brings tokenized data to the masses, announces latest milestone-based token offering

With every policy shift, every deplatforming, and every data breach, our faith in Big Tech decreases. In Washington, the drums of anti-trust beat ever louder.But what consumers truly want isn’t necessarily a break up of today’s tech companies: they want alternatives. Alternative approaches to da..

DATA Phase 1 complete + New listing methodology

We have concluded the first phase of mandatory exchange data submissions for our Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA) at CoinMarketCap! First announced on our sixth anniversary on May 1 this year, cryptocurrency exchanges were given 45 days to respond and submit the mandatory data, whi..

Happy 6th Birthday! DATA Alliance, Block Explorers and more

Today we are celebrating our sixth anniversary at CoinMarketCap. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we are announcing several major initiatives that we’ve been working on for months: CoinMarketCap Data Accountability & Transparency AllianceCoinMarketCap Block ExplorersCoinMarketCap ShopCoinMar..

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