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Chinese Court Declares Bitcoin As Legal Property

The Hangzhou Internet Court ruled that Bitcoin should be classified as virtual property, which simply legalizes the ownership of Bitcoin in China. The development was first reported by Beijing-based magazine Caijing. The ruling came as a resolution to a dispute between a cryptocurrency exchange and..

Bitcoin Is ‘Virtual Property’ Says Second China Court

China has officially recognized Bitcoin as a valid phenomenon for a second time after a court determined it is “virtual property.”Bitcoin Is ‘Valuable, Scarce And Disposable’ As reported by Caijing quoting the China Securities Journal, a national newsletter published by the Xinhua News Agency, a ..

Bitcoin and Voluntaryism – Where Libertarian Philosophy Meets Crypto

For the uninitiated, voluntaryism is a philosophy based on consent. In the simplest terms it says: “If it’s not voluntary, it’s not moral.” This basic statement is often countered with “Yes, but not everyone agrees on that, some people use violence to get what they want.” This is 100% true. And this..

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