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Binance.US Opens Account Registration for Puerto Rico Residents

News The United States-based branch of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, “Binance.US,” opened account registration and verification services for residents of Puerto Rico. According to an official announcement published on Sept. 30, Puerto Rico residents have the same levels of access as U.S. ..

Medici Bank Launches Private Beta Testing in October: Report

News Puerto Rico-based Medici Bank, founded by a direct descendant of the Italian Medici dynasty, launches private beta testing in October. Medici Bank will be piloting digital onboarding procedures, application programming interface and web portals with five global firms, two or three of which re..

Are Tax Moves to Puerto Rico Worth It for Crypto Holders?

Expert Take Some in the crypto community have embraced Puerto Rico, which seems to have done a good job of promoting itself. But is it for you? I can only address the tax issues, not anything else. To a large extent, the tax issues depend on what kind of income you will generate, whether personal..

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