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Ugandan Victims of Dunamiscoins Scam Petition Gov’t for Lost Investments

News Over 5,000 victims of the alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme Dunamiscoins have petitioned the Ugandan Parliament asking to refund money lost in the scam. Arthur Asiimwe, the leader of the petitioning group who presented the request to the Parliament's speaker Rebecca Kadaga, claims th..

Thai Officials to Investigate Alleged Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

News A human rights lawyer representing victims of an alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme in Thailand is taking their case to the country’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI). The Bangkok Post reported on Jan. 16 that roughly 20 victims, whose losses are alleged to total 75 million baht (..

Economist Brands Bitcoin a “Scam” On Mainstream Media

While Bitcoin is now over 11 years old, the cryptocurrency is seemingly still subject to accusations by many mainstream economists and investors that it is a “scam.” This was proven recently when an economist bashed the leading digital asset on Yahoo Finance. If you’ve been following Bitcoin’s news..

Ugandan Police Hold Director of Alleged $2.7M Crypto Ponzi Scheme

News Ugandan police have seized Samson Lwanga, one of the directors of the alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme Dunamiscoins Resources Limited. As domestic news publication Daily Monitor reported on Dec. 9, the police arrested Samson Lwanga, one of the four directors of Dunamiscoins. The company ..

Crypto Pyramid Scheme in Uganda Steals Employees’ Money and Closes

News An alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme in Uganda has fled after defrauding dozens of victims that invested in and worked for the scheme. Dunamiscoins Resources Limited opened in Masaka last month and started inviting individuals to invest and become part of its “digital currency network,” i..

Victim of Alleged Ponzi Scheme Receives Death Threats From OneCoin Fans

News Glasgow-based Jen McAdam claims supporters of the alleged OneCoin pyramid scheme are sending her death threats, mainly through Facebook. Death threats reported to the policeOn Oct. 14, the BBC wrote that Jen McAdam, a duped OneCoin digital currency investor, reported a slew of messages she re..

Crypto and Blockchain News From Brazil: Oct. 6-12 in Review

Local News The story of Brazil’s crypto scams took a new twist over the past week as CEO of an alleged pyramid scheme reportedly fled the country after rejecting court deadlines. Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Brasil. Banco Or..

Crypto News From Brazil: Sept. 30–Oct. 6 in Review

Local News Brazil saw another week of reports on alleged cryptocurrency scams as the Sao Paulo Court ordered to block the assets managed by Unick Forex, while another firm was reported of promising 400% returns through a cryptocurrency investment scheme. Here is the past week of crypto and blockch..

Mob Burns Down Purported Crypto Ponzi Schemer’s House in South Africa

News An angry mob in Ladysmith, South Africa has reportedly torched the residence of Sphelele Mbatha, known as Sgumza, a manager of alleged crypto Ponzi scheme Bitcoin Wallet. The mob was likely a collection of victims who lost money through Bitcoin Wallet, according to the report by Ladysmith Gaz..

Vanuatu Extradicts Six Chinese Citizens Allegedly Involved in Crypto Scheme

News Vanuatu, a Pacific Island country, has extradited six Chinese citizens to the mainland, according to a report by Odaily Planet Daily on July 10. The suspects were reportedly arrested in the course of an ongoing investigation of the PlusToken cryptocurrency platform which, according to the Ya..

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