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Japan Security Token Offering Association: The Way of Self-Regulation

Analysis Security token offerings, or STOs, have more or less taken the mantle from their semi-defunct counterpart, the initial coin offering (ICO). Still, the extreme rise and subsequent fall of the ICO has left quite an impression on the cryptocurrency industry. At its peak prevalence in 2017, t..

Rakuten, SBI, Monex Launch Japan STO Association: Official

News Six major Japanese brokerage firms such as SBI Securities and Rakuten Securities officially established Japan Security Token Offering (STO) Association. The four other members of the new association include Nomura Securities, Daiwa Securities, Kabu.com Securities and Japan’s financial giant M..

Japanese E-Commerce Giant Rakuten: Unveils Crypto Exchange

Imagine Amazon making a foray into crypto. While this is all but a quixotic dream in the U.S. and Europe, an event of this magnitude has just occurred in Japan, known to be one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. Confirmed in a press release published on August 19th, Rakuten, the Ja..

‘Amazon of Japan’ Rakuten Launches Crypto Exchange Service

Rakuten, the “Amazon of Japan,” announced the launch of its new crypto exchange platform Monday, August 19, offering spot trading of crypto assets via a dedicated smartphone app. The e-commerce giant has been crypto-friendly for a while now, experimenting and investing in crypto payment systems sinc..

Did Japanese Retail Giant’s New Crypto Exchange Launch Lift Markets?

According to an announcement earlier today, Japan’s version of Amazon – Rakuten – has publicly launched its own crypto trading platform which could see millions entering the space. Three Crypto Assets Supported The official announcement a few hours ago stated that a consolidated subsidiary of Rakut..

Japan’s Retail Giant Rakuten Officially Launches Crypto Exchange

News Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Rakuten Wallet has launched trading a year after acquiring Everybody’s Bitcoin. Three trading pairs go liveConfirmed in a press release on Aug. 19, Rakuten Wallet, which is a subsidiary of Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, said spot trading of three cryptocur..

10 Global Enterprises Looking to Issue Their Own Cryptos

Analysis The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has led to a revolution in the digital currency industry. Enterprises that were of noncrypto origin now have or plan to have their own crypto product. The 10 years of cryptocurrency’s existence has led to an unprecedented ease of transactions. It h..

Cashless-Bound: Japan’s Transport and E-Commerce Partnership on the Fast Track

Follow up The Japanese transportation industry is leading the country’s long-standing efforts to go cashless. Earlier this month, two major players from the archipelago’s e-commerce and transport industries partnered up to simplify and promote payments that do not require hard cash. Homegrown e-co..

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