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Venezuelan Official Says Remittance Platform for Petro is Ready to Use

News National Superintendent of Cryptoactives Joselit Ramírez has announced that crypto remittance platform Patria Remesa is live and functioning. Radio announcement about the platformThe Bolivarian Government of Venezuela reported the news on Aug. 27. According to the report, Ramírez said that Pa..

SWIFT Vs. Ripple — The Importance of Speed in Cross-Border Payments

Analysis The emergence of blockchain technology has undoubtedly altered the course of global digital payment development. With the likes of Ripple and Facebook’s Libra challenging the monopoly of banks and other financial institutions, mainstream players like SWIFT, Visa and Mastercard have been f..

XRP, Libra and Visa to Fight It Out for Cross-Border Remittance Crown

Given Facebook’s 2 billion strong user base, will banks become more amenable to cryptocurrency adoption as a way of maintaining their relevance in international money transfer?

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