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Can Crypto Platforms Help Loyalty Schemes in Shops Make a Comeback?

Use Case Retailers have been offering loyalty schemes for decades — but ensuring they are attractive enough to generate repeat customers is easier said than done. Bond’s Loyalty Report, which surveyed 55,000 consumers in 2019, exposed these challenges in a stark way. Although 73% of those polled s..

Cash, Card or Crypto? — Platform Helps Stores Accept Digital Payments

Sponsored A mobile crypto payment platform says its technology is transforming the retail business — and giving merchants an unprecedented opportunity to accept digital currencies as a method of payment. Eligma says Elipay, its flagship product, removes the hurdles that have been stopping brick-an..

Bitcoin Cash Adoption Continues to Spread in North Queensland and Japan

BCH merchant acceptance has continued to grow month after month but there are a few regions in the world where bitcoin cash retail acceptance is thriving. Over the last few weeks, North Queensland and Japan have shown significant growth and continue to dominate as some of the densest territories of ..

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