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Crypto Brokerage Confirms Bitcoin Being Used as Safe Haven

Despite 2018’s harrowing performance, Bitcoin and its ilk are outperforming all other asset classes in the public market. While some have pinned this trend to market cycles, data is showing that at least some of Bitcoin’s rally has been aided by investors using it as a safe haven. Data from eToro, ..

Bitcoin Price ‘Will Struggle’ in Big Financial Crisis, Says Investor

News Spencer Bogart, a general partner at venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, thinks that Bitcoin (BTC) will be a safe haven in the long term. However, he has a nuanced view of how BTC price will play out with respect to various economic events. Bogart shared his views during an interview wit..

‘Time for Plan ₿,’ Says VanEck Exec as Negative Yield Bonds Hit $15 Trillion

News According to Deutsche Bank, 27% of global bonds traded are now negative yield, so expected to pay out less than their initial cost. Negative yield bonds dwarf Bitcoin market capThis represents $15 trillion worth of debt. Or as VanEck digital asset director, Gabor Gurbacs, commented Aug. 14, ..

Market Outlook: Bitcoin Cash Spikes While Economic Fears Spread Worldwide

On Tuesday, August 13, most digital currency prices have dropped in value between 2-5% while crypto trade volumes globally have fallen to $46 billion in the last 48 hours. Despite the downturns across the board, bitcoin cash (BCH) is holding steady, up 2% today and now commanding the fourth largest ..

Market Outlook: Trade Wars and Filthy Fiat Battles Fuel Crypto Prices

A slew of digital currencies have gathered decent gains over the last 48 hours and the entire market capitalization now stands at around $308 billion. Moreover, cryptocurrency trade volumes have kicked up a notch, capturing $66 billion in swaps over the last day. Overall, speculators think the recen..

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