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Samson Mow: Stablecoins Are a ‘Mid-Step Towards Hyperbitcoinization’

BlockShow Stablecoin Tether (USDT) is clearly the preference among investors but will not see a retail use case, Samson Mow says. The Blockstream CSO, who was speaking at Cointelegraph’s ongoing BlockShow conference on Nov. 15, noted that Tether’s first-mover advantage placed it in another league..

Regulators Hostile to Bitcoin Will Fall Out of Favor, Warns Samson Mow

News Hostility to Bitcoin (BTC) from the global regulators is a double-edged sword that can hurt authorities if they lose their power, the Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) warned. During a panel at a Liquid meetup at Litecoin Summit on Oct. 29, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow predicted that reg..

Bitcoin Maximalists Embrace Ethereum After Receiving an Offer They Can’t Refuse

A group of hardcore bitcoin maximalists have heroically overcome their hatred for Ethereum after receiving ERC20 shares in crypto exchange INX worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The staunch BTC loyalists, led by Blockstream CTO Samson Mow, have agreed to support a project built on Ethereum, des..

Bitcoin Is Bad for Payments, But Lightning Solves This: Samson Mow

News Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Samson Mow says Bitcoin (BTC) is bad for payments but the Lightning Network solves this. Mow — who is also a co-founder of formerly top cryptocurrency exchange BTCC — made his remarks in an interview for SFOX blog on Aug. 15. Lightning changes the whol..

Was Tether the Unknown Bitcoin Whale Behind Monday’s $2.27 Billion Transfer?

The massive $2.27 billion bitcoin transfer that occurred on Monday has led to the emergence of fanciful theories that Tether might be creating a private dark pool for future USDT issuance. The Facts: Bitcoin Whale Moves $2.27 Billion in Six Hours Monday (July 29, 2019) turned out to be an eventful ..

‘Libra Is so Screwed’ — Should Have Used Bitcoin, Says Samson Mow

News Chief strategy officer at blockchain development firm Blockstream, Samson Mow, declared that he believes that Facebook should have used Bitcoin (BTC) instead of developing its own stablecoin in a series of tweets published on July 16. ‘Libra Can’t Be Everything for Everyone’In his tweets, Mow..

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