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New Lightning Network Authentication Method Could Replace Website Accounts

News Blockchain firm Lightning Labs drafted the specifications of a new Lightning Network-based authentication system that could replace traditional email-based accounts. According to a March 30 announcement, the Lightning Service Authentication Tokens (LSAT) is a new authentication protocol for p..

Cardano Releases Solution that Scales More than Visa’s Payment Network

News On March 25, Cardano launched its off-chain scalability protocol, Ouroboros Hydra, after 5 years of development. An announcement sent to Cointelegraph claims that the protocol vastly increased scalability and low latency for the Cardano blockchain while using little storage on the network’s n..

Self-Proclaimed World’s Lightest Blockchain Rolls Out Phase Three of Its Testnet

News A new cryptocurrency ecosystem claiming to be “the world’s lightest blockchain” has ostensibly grown to become one of the largest layer 1 testnets by peer count in the industry. Speaking Cointelegraph on March 24, the developers behind Coda Protocol said that phase three of the network’s test..

Matic Lets Us Scale More than Loom Network: Ethereum-Based VR Platform

News Ethereum-based virtual-reality (VR) platform Somnium Space has moved from scalability solution Loom Network to Matic to enhance scaling. On March 23, Somnium Space said that it hopes the transition will allow it to achieve scalability and provide a superior user experience. The firm explained..

Ethereum-Based Game to Enhance User Experience with Matic Scaling Solution

News TSB Games, the firm behind VR game The Sandbox, announced a partnership with second-layer scaling solution Matic. According to a March 19 announcement, Matic will allow the decentralized application (DApp) to carry out faster transactions and create a better user experience. The partnership i..

Starkware Wants to Bring Security and Scalability to Crypto Exchanges

News An Israeli startup Starkware believes it can solve two of the most pressing issues in crypto trading — the inherent vulnerability of centralized exchanges and the low transactional capacity of decentralized ones. The venture was co-founded by professor Eli Ben Sasson, who was a founding scie..

Buterin Considers zk-STARKS, Plasma, Casper, Bitcoin Cash for Enhancing Ethereum’s Efficiency

The developers of Ethereum (ETH), the world’s largest platform for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps), have been experimenting with different approaches for effectively scaling the smart contract platform. Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin has considered using other blockch..

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