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IDEX Claims Creation of ‘Infinite Scaling Solution for Ethereum’

News IDEX, the decentralized exchange (DEX) responsible for over 40% of all DEX transactions, claims to have created an “infinite scaling solution” for the Ethereum network. 1,000 times fasterIn an email sent to Cointelegraph, IDEX claims that its system, dubbed Optimized Optimistic Rollups (O2Rs)..

EOS Blockchain Congested: EIDOS Airdrop 95% of Transfers

News The EOS blockchain is congested by the EIDOS token airdrop, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase reports on Nov. 9. In a post on its blog, Coinbase claims that it had trouble in processing its clients’ transactions due to EOS network congestion caused by the EIDOS token airdrop. The exchange has ..

Kadena Mainnet Goes Live, New $20M Token Sale Starts Tomorrow

News The Kadena network, which is led by JPMorgan blockchain veterans, has gone live on Monday, with the firm announcing a new $20 million token sale. Kadena mainnet launch unlocks mining Kadena coinsAccording to an announcement on Nov. 4, Kadena has launched its mainnet Chainweb alongside the Kad..

Bitfinex Adds Bitcoin Bech32 Support — Hints at Lightning Network Next

Major global crypto exchange Bitfinex now supports Bitcoin (BTC) bech32 addresses generation and deposits to bech32 addresses. Following the launch of Bitcoin withdrawals on bech32 addresses on Oct. 29, Bitfinex officially announced on Nov. 4 that the exchange now also supports Bitcoin deposits to b..

Adam Back: Creating Altcoins More Attractive Than Building on Bitcoin

News Bitcoin (BTC) technology pioneer Adam Back explained at the Transylvania Crypto Conference that there’s a greater financial incentive to creating altcoins compared to building on Bitcoin. Forbes reported Back’s remarks on Oct. 21, noting that he is also the co-author of the “Enabling Blockcha..

New DLT Protocol Scalable, Secure Without Consensus, Researchers Claim

News Researchers have developed a new algorithm for distributed ledger protocols, which reporters claim could achieve security without the high power consumption of Bitcoin (BTC) mining. The algorithm, “Scalable Byzantine Reliable Broadcast,” was outlined in a paper first published this August and..

LiquidApps Releases Horizontal Blockchain Scaling Solution

News Blockchain development firm LiquidApps has introduced a new blockchain scalability solution for decentralized application (DApps) developers. The new service called vCPU aims to scale blockchain processing power horizontally, which provides more computing power per action than native blockcha..

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet to Support Lightning Network in Next Release

News The next release of major Bitcoin (BTC) wallet software Electrum will support off-chain scalability solution Lightning Network (LN). The Electrum official Twitter account announced the upcoming LN integration in a tweet sent on Oct. 14. The tweet announced: “The next release of Electrum will ..

Ethereum-Compatible Skale Network Raises $17.1M for Mainnet Launch

News The Skale Network, decentralized Ethereum-compatible network, has completed a $17.1 million funding round for mainnet launch. Solid global backingBacked by the Liechtenstein’s Node Foundation and United States-based Skale Labs, the network now has over 40 investors in the U.S., European Union..

Scalability on Blockchain: Is There a Solution?

Use CaseIt’s one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain and crypto — a hurdle only the industry can solve. Without a solution, even CEOs from major global exchanges fear that mass adoption will never be achievable. Scalability is the long-running thorn in the side of this fledgling technolog..

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