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Fraudulent TON Investment Ads Reportedly Circulating Facebook

News Fraudulent advertisements have reportedly begun circulating Facebook offering to join the Telegram Open Network (TON) investment platform. As Russian news outlet Kommersant reported on Sept. 20, ads promoting the so called “Successful Investor” account appeared on Facebook. Once clicked, the ..

Brazilian Crypto Exchange Snubs Court Deadline to Fix Withdrawals

News Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange and alleged pyramid scheme Atlas Quantum rejected court deadlines to resolve its delayed Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals. Atlas Quantum may constitute a financial pyramidAs Cointelegraph Brasil reported previously, on Sept. 17, the Federal Court of Brazil ruled tha..

Coinbase UK Settles Lawsuit With Victim of Email Phishing Attack

News The United Kingdom arm of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase settled a two-month legal battle with a man who lost 80 Bitcoins (BTC) in an email phishing attack. Stolen Bitcoin diverted to CoinbaseOn Sept. 10, legal news site Law360 reported that Coinbase U.K. had reached an undisclosed settleme..

Crypto Exit Scams — How to Avoid Falling Victim

How to crypto A couple of years back, the term “exit scam” became synonymous with the crypto industry. This was at a time when the market (at large) was replete with a number of cash grab ventures that looked great on paper but had little to no substantive value to back them up. In its most basic ..

Crypto News From the German-Speaking World: Sept. 2–8 in Review

Local News The German-speaking world continues to see lots of developments in the crypto industry, with the German government clarifying proposed regulations, Switzerland adding a new blockchain hub, while Bitcoin (BTC)-scammers are using Austrian celebrities in fake crypto ads. Here is the past w..

Four Out of Five Top Bitcoin QR Code Generators are Scams: Report

News Four out of the first five results presented when querying Google for a “bitcoin qr generator” lead to scam websites. The findingsCryptocurrency wallet ZenGo wrote the findings in a blog post published on Aug. 29. Reportedly, when researching prior to implementing QR Code support in their wal..

Whale Alert Teams Up With BitcoinAbuse to Fight Crypto Crime

News Whale Alert and BitcoinAbuse are teaming up to fight crypto crimes together. Fighting scammersOn Sept. 3, Whale Alert, a service dedicated to tracking large cryptocurrency transactions, announced that it will start collaborating with BitcoinAbuse to better fight cryptocurrency-related crimes...

Crypto News From Brazil and Portugal: Aug. 24-31 in Review

Local News This week saw major expansion of crypto payments in Brazil, new standards freeing Bitcoin from Portuguese taxes, and the allegedly fraudulent Grupo Bitcoin Banco’s refusal to pay clients their deposited funds. Brazil's central bank adopts IMF guidelinesBrazil’s central bank announ..

Bitcoin Youtuber Outplays Crypto Scammer & Donates Funds

Like many tech-focused industries, crypto is full of scammers. Due to the pseudonymous, digital, and private nature of the technologies that back cryptocurrencies, many bad actors have tried and leverage this asset class to make a quick buck, or Bitcoin satoshi if you will. Unfortunately, many of t..

Exit Scams, State-Sponsored Hacks and a Very Expensive Valentines Day

From alleged exit scams to state-sponsored hacking and $6.1 million Valentines day gifts – it’s all happening in China right now. EtherDelta Busted Police in China have apparently begun investigating crypto trading platform EtherDelta over an exit scam. Partner at crypto investment fund Primitive V..

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