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Bitpoint Hack Shows That Regulators’ Scrutiny Does Not Equal Safety

Analysis On July 12, 2019, Tokyo-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint promptly suspended its services after noticing an error in the outgoing funds transfer system. Soon, an official announcement followed, revealing that the trading platform had lost around 3.5 billion yen (roughly $32 m..

Bitpoint Reveals Amounts Stolen, Pledging to Reimburse Users in Crypto

News Japanese exchange Bitpoint has published the breakdown of crypto assets stolen in the 3 billion yen (~$27.8 million) hack of its platform earlier this month. A document published by Bitpoint’s parent firm Remix Point Inc. on July 16 reveals that five crypto assets in total were stolen by the ..

Canadian Securities Regulators Include DLT in 2019–2020 Business Plan

News The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) are focusing on understanding and regulating distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its related components. The Canadian securities regulatory agency included a section on DLT and crypto assets in its Business Plan 2019–2022 that was published on ..

Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Claimed 2.22 BTC in ‘Justice’ Against Thieves: BitMEX

News Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network nodes have claimed 2.2 BTC in “justice transactions” to deter potential thieves, a BitMex Research analysis revealed on July 15. A so-dubbed “justice transaction” is a punitive mechanism involving the closure of a lightning channel that is suspected to be attem..

0x DEX Protocol Suspended Because of Vulnerability, Funds Safe

News The Ethereum (ETH) smart contract of 0x (ZRX) decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol has been suspended after a vulnerability has been uncovered in its code, the project’s team announced in a Medium post published on July 13. Per the announcement, third-party security researcher samczsun warne..

Mt. Gox Vulnerability Covered Up by Founder McCaleb, Lawsuit Alleges

Follow up The latest in the long trail of events since the 2014 shutdown of the then-largest — but now defunct — cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox is a lawsuit that two former traders on the exchange brought against founder Jed McCaleb. The traders, Joseph Jones and Peter Steinmetz, allege McCaleb o..

Grand Theft Crypto: The State of Cryptocurrency-Stealing Malware and Other Nasty Techniques

Hottest advice to avoid having your crypto stolen? Still — common sense

Riviera Beach City Council Agrees to Pay $600,000 in BTC to Ransomware Attackers

News The city council of Riviera Beach, Florida has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to regain access to data encrypted in a hacker attack, the New York Times reported on June 19. On May 29, the city experienced “a data security event” when a police department employee opened a..

Recent Firefox Zero-Day Flaw Was Used in Attacks Against Coinbase’s Employees

News The recent Firefox’s zero-day security flaw was used in attacks against major crypto exchange and wallet service Coinbase, according to a tweet from Coinbase security researcher Philip Martin posted on June 20. As Martin found, the reported critical zero-day vulnerability in Mozilla’s Firefox..

GateHub Releases PSA on Phishing Scam Targeting Its Ripple Wallet Users

News Ripple (XRP) wallet and gateway-as-a-service provider GateHub has warned that there is a phishing scam campaign targeting its cryptocurrency wallet users, as per an announcement on June 13. According to the announcement, GateHub’s wallet users are being sent malicious emails from addresses th..

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