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PIVX, Possibly Other PoS Chains Vulnerable to Bug, Attackers Profit

News Private transactions cryptocurrency PIVX and over 200 other blockchains are vulnerable to a vulnerability allowing the attacker to obtain disproportionately high staking rewards. A major staking vulnerabilityCryptocurrency consulting firm Lunar Digital Assets claimed in a post published on it..

A Clever Take on Bitcoin Wallet Security: The Vault & Its Potential Upside

Sometimes the simplest method for accomplishing something is the best way. With many technologically impressive advances and concepts for protecting crypto funds from the litany of hacks that plague the industry, mainly exchanges, one that has recently resurfaced is a particularly clever idea. Call..

Congressional Research Service Examines Blockchain in Energy Sector

News The Congressional Research Service has released a report that examines, among other things, the potential advantages and disadvantages of pursuing blockchain-based solutions for the energy sector. The Congressional Research Service released their findings in a report on Aug. 9, entitled “Bitc..

US Department of Commerce Offering 6-Figure Salary to Crypto Expert

News The United States Department of Commerce is looking to hire a computer scientist specializing in blockchain and identity management. According to a job listing from Aug. 9, the federal agency is seeking someone with at least one year of specialized experience in developing blockchain infrastr..

What Are Crypto Banks and How Do They Work?

Analysis Bitcoin once promised that it would help realize the lofty goal of making individuals “their own bank.” To understand the many services that banks truly provide is also to realize how preposterous this claim was in 2008, when Bitcoin’s white paper made it. More than a decade later, the gr..

US DOE Dedicates $1.05 Mil to Blockchain Energy Management Platform

News The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded a grant worth $1.05 million to organizations working to commercialize a blockchain-based energy transaction platform. From energy management to energy exchangeThe news comes from an August 9 press release shared by energy company ComEd,..

Binance KYC Breach — Did It Happen, and If So, Who’s to Blame?

Follow up On Aug. 7, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (by daily trade volume), fell victim to a hacking scandal that saw the miscreant allegedly gain possession of a huge chunk of the firm’s Know Your Customer (KYC) data (10,000+ personal photos). The hacker is reportedly deman..

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill to Establish Blockchain Task Force

News Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy recently signed bill S2297, which is an act to create a so-dubbed New Jersey Blockchain Initiative Task Force. The purpose of the task force is purportedly to study blockchain solutions for the benefit of the state. The news that Murphy passed this bill come..

Coinbase’s Professional Platform to Begin Listing Process for Algorand Token

News Major cryptocurrency platform Coinbase is adding the Algorand protocol’s eponymous token to its professional-targeted trading platform Coinbase Pro on Aug. 14. Coinbase announced this latest addition in an official blog post on Aug. 9. The cryptocurrency exchange will scale up to full Algoran..

Coinbase Says It Prevented a Crafty Phishing Attack to Exfiltrate Keys

News The security team at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has revealed how it countered a sophisticated phishing attack aiming to exfiltrate private keys and passwords. In a blog post published on Aug. 8, the exchange outlined its discovery and reporting of the incident, which involved the explo..

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