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Cryptocurrency Exchange BitMEX Enables Native SegWit Support

News Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX added support for native segregated witness (SegWit) addresses for Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals, which lets users pay lower transaction fees. According to an announcement on Dec. 12, BitMEX now allows its users to withdraw Bitcoin to Bech32 addresses, the one that ..

Bitfinex Adds Bitcoin Bech32 Support — Hints at Lightning Network Next

Major global crypto exchange Bitfinex now supports Bitcoin (BTC) bech32 addresses generation and deposits to bech32 addresses. Following the launch of Bitcoin withdrawals on bech32 addresses on Oct. 29, Bitfinex officially announced on Nov. 4 that the exchange now also supports Bitcoin deposits to b..

Udi Wertheimer Offers to Promote Binance in Exchange for SegWit Support

News One of the Bitcoin (BTC) space’s best-known and most outspoken developers has pledged to advertise Binance for the rest of the year if the exchange implements specific features. Wertheimer tackles Binance lack of SegWit, LightningIn a Twitter debate beginning on Oct. 2, Udi Wertheimer has mad..

SegWit, Explained

SegWit, Explained Nikolai Kuznetsov 1 HOUR AGO 66927 Total views 1. What is SegWit? 2. What’s a fork, and what did SegWit’s fork do? 3. Why is SegWit adoption still incomplete? 4. Will SegWit succeed? 5. Are there downsides to SegWit? 1. What is SegWit? SegWit — or Segregated Witness — is the name g..

Share of SegWit-Spending Bitcoin Transactions Now Over 50%

News The percentage of Segregated Witness (SegWit)-spending Bitcoin (BTC) transactions has reached 50.5%, or an all-time high, according to transactionfee.info statistics. SegWit solution to Bitcoin transactions SegWit is a proposed update to the Bitcoin Core, which is designed to reduce processin..

Segwit Creator Introduces Optimized Language For Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Bitcoin Core developer, Peiter Wuille, has introduced a new programming language called Miniscript, to simplify smart-contract development for Bitcoin. One of the most prolific and respected Core-developers, Wuille is responsible for the creation and implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit)...

Bitcoin Block Size, Explained

Bitcoin Block Size, Explained Samuel Haig 2 HOURS AGO 0 Total views 1. What are blocks? 2. Why does block size matter? 3. Why increase the block size? 4. What was BIP101? 5. Which block size increase proposals garnered community support? 6. What is SegWit? 7. Why did Bitcoin fork and split? 1. What ..

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