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Plasma Group to Halt Ethereum Scalability Research, Says It Reached Maturity

News The non-profit research organization Plasma Group announced in a Jan. 9 blog post that it would cease studying Ethereum scalability. Identifying funding of public goods as the next key challenge, it pledged to donate its remaining funds to Gitcoin. Plasma Group was founded in Jan. 2019 with t..

Adam Back: Creating Altcoins More Attractive Than Building on Bitcoin

News Bitcoin (BTC) technology pioneer Adam Back explained at the Transylvania Crypto Conference that there’s a greater financial incentive to creating altcoins compared to building on Bitcoin. Forbes reported Back’s remarks on Oct. 21, noting that he is also the co-author of the “Enabling Blockcha..

Here’s How Much Bitcoin Is Currently Locked Up in Sidechains

News Almost $77 million of Bitcoin (BTC) is currently unavailable to use on the network — not because it is lost, but because it is locked up in sidechains. Bitcoin sidechains: a nascent marketData from block explorers confirms that as of Oct. 17, a total of 9,661 BTC ($76.96 million) or a tiny 0..

What Are Sidechains? Extending & Providing Extra Functionality to Existing Blockchains

Sidechains are an essential innovation in the blockchain field with some interesting long-term implications and effects on the broader interoperability and scalability of blockchain networks. They are effectively extensions of existing blockchains that increase their functionality and allow for vali..

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