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Thomson Reuters: Bringing Smart Contracts to the Mainstream With Ethereum & Chainlink

Media conglomerate Thomson Reuters, one of Canada’s leading brands, is eyeing an opportunity to bring the possibilities of Ethereum smart contracts into the mainstream. The effort comes as part of a partnership with OpenLaw, the ConsenSys-backed builders of an open source and peer-to-peer protocol ..

CipherTrace Expands Monitoring Platform to 700 Tokens

News United States-based blockchain security firm CipherTrace has expanded its crypto intelligence platform to 700 tokens. Tracing hundreds of ERC-20 tokensWith the expanded platform launched on Oct. 15, CipherTrace now allows clients to trace more than 87% of the transactional volume of the top 1..

Unwrapping the Ocean Plastic Conundrum Via Blockchain

In depth In September, Cointelegraph reported on a Dutch company said to have created the world’s first collection of recycled fabrics made from ocean plastics and whose provenance can be traced via blockchain.The premise is that socially minded consumers want assurance that they are really wearin..

Aragon Expects Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork to Break 680 Smart Contracts

News The Ethereum network’s Istanbul hard fork is expected to break 680 smart contracts on the decentralized management platform Aragon. Jorge Izquierdo, CTO at Aragon One, said that the upcoming upgrade will result in the breaking of roughly 680 smart contracts, industry-focused media outlet Coin..

Spanish Facebook Rival Taringa Is Sold to Smart Contract Dev RSK

News A subsidiary of Argentinian smart contract platform RSK has purchased Latin America’s social media giant Taringa, gaining exposure to 30 million users. RSK-powered rewards for content on TaringaIOVlabs, a startup dedicated to the development of the RSK smart contract network, is already build..

Report: Ethereum’s Gas-Guzzling Suspected Ponzi FairWin Funds at Risk

News The biggest Ethereum contract in the industry, dubbed FairWin, is allegedly putting user funds at risk and continues to guzzle a major amount of gas on the network. Multiple crypto social media users have been analyzing what they believe to be the fastest-growing Ponzi scheme on Ethereum. On ..

Telegram to Award Devs $400K in TON Blockchain Smart Contracts Contest

News Global messaging app Telegram announced a coding competition for building smart contracts for the Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain. 5 types of smart contractsThe contest includes three parts with a prize fund for all included tasks ranging from $200,000 to $400,000, according to an anno..

Ex-UBS Head Wants His Crypto Bank to Tap $220B Cryptocurrency Market

News Peter Wuffli, the former CEO of Switzerland’s largest bank UBS and director at Swiss crypto bank Sygnum, wants to tap the “$220 billion market of institutions and private individuals who already own cryptocurrencies.” Local news outlet SwissInfo reported on Sept. 26 that Wuffli has shown exci..

Ether Price Drop Shakes DAI Stablecoin Peg, Two Collateral Contracts Closed

News The recent Ether (ETH) price drop showed the reliability and weaknesses of the decentralized stablecoin built by MakerDAO, Dai (DAI), and the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem built on top of it. A decentralized stablecoinEthereum-collateralized decentralized stablecoin DAI managed to ma..

Hedera Hashgraph — Deep Look Into 10,000 Transactions Per Second Claim

Analysis Hedera Hashgraph, a decentralized public network targeting enterprises and claims to be capable of processing 10,000 cryptocurrency transactions per second (TPS), has publicly launched its beta mainnet this Monday. Despite the project’s governing council attracting membership from major m..

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