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Ethereum-Based Social Video Network Integrates Zoom for Live Streaming

News The Ethereum-based social media app, Pepo, has integrated with video conferencing platform, Zoom, to facilitate live streaming. Pepo Live Events is currently exclusively available in beta on the platform’s website and has not given an estimate for when it plans to enable mobile functionality...

Block.one Invest $150 Million Into Voice, But Privacy Concerns Linger

News Block.one — the company behind EOSIO (EOS), has injected $150 million into its controversial blockchain-based social media network, Voice. Announced on March 26, the investment comprises $50 million in intellectual property assets and $100 million. The injection is intended to give Voice the ..

Alleged Telegram Sex Crime Ringleader Paraded in Public in Korea

News The alleged ringleader of a notorious Telegram sex crime chat group has been paraded in public after millions signed a petition demanding the Korean Government publicly name him. Cho Ju-bin, 24 — who went by the username ‘Banksa’ or ‘doctor’ — was arrested and charged last week along with 17 ..

Cointelegraph Youtube Hosts Review COVID-19 and Bitcoin Memes

Video Are you bored sitting at home in quarantine while the COVID-19 pandemic is raging outside? Feeling depressed from the latest crypto market crash? Afraid that the world might be ending? Don’t worry! Cointelegraph Youtube hosts, Jackson and Giovanni, collected the best memes on coronavirus and..

Steem Community Relaunches Platform as Hive to Make It Truly Decentralized

News The Steem (STEEM) community announced its intention to create a new platform in the wake of the controversy with Justin Sun. According to a blog post published on March 18, the new platform, named Hive, will launch on March 20. The new platform will initially be launched as an exact code fork..

Exclusive: Blockchain-Based Social Network Overhauls Platform, Partners With Matic

News Ethereum-based social network Sapien has unveiled updates to its platform, as well as a partnership with the initial exchange offering project, Matic Network. “After several months of development, we’re launching the next release of our platform, called Alpha Persei,” Sapien Network co-found..

$2B Deal Will Keep Crypto Bull Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter

News Investment management firm Elliott Management has set up a deal with Twitter to save Jack Dorsey’s role as CEO of the social media network. Following the deal closure — which considers a $2 billion share buyback — Elliott will gain a seat on Twitter’s board of directors, NBC reported on March..

Ethereum Co-Founder and Elon Musk Back Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO

News While Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey could potentially be ousted by investors, at least two major figures in the crypto industry have already voiced support for the exec. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of major cryptocurrency project Ethereum, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is known for his active endors..

Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Association Head Says CBDC Is a Good Idea

Interview In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Crypto Valley Association President Daniel Haudenschild said that central bank digital currencies are “the next logical stage.” Haudenschild explained to Cointelegraph that he believes CBDCs are the next stage “in evolution for decentralized ..

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