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Binance’s ‘Chinese Twitter’ Gets Blocked for Unknown Violations

News Binance’s official account on China’s major microblogging website Weibo has been blocked. The account of the major global exchange was blocked on Nov. 13, purportedly due to violations of the site’s policies, Taiwan-based publication The China Times reported on Nov. 15. At press time, Binance..

Yale Prof and Goldman Sachs Veteran Design DLT-Based Facebook Rival

News A Yale professor and Goldman Sachs veteran are planning to complete a new project of a blockchain-based Facebook rival in 2020. Returning control of data to usersDavid Gelernter, a Yale’s professor of computer science and Mirror Worlds creator, and Rob Rosenthal, a 19-year veteran of Goldman ..

Bank of England Governor Carney Defends Facebook’s Libra Stablecoin

News Bank of England governor Mark Carney has defended Facebook’s choice to create a new currency. Canadian news outlet TheStar reported Carney’s remarks on Oct. 15, noting that he highlighted the shortcomings of the current traditional financial system. Because of the inefficiency of the payments..

Sudden Cyworld Shutdown Puts Clink Crypto Investors at Risk: Report

News South Korea’s Cyworld social media platform shuttered its services on Oct. 1 without giving any prior notice, English-language local media The Korea Times reported on Oct. 14. What’s more, the website for its Clink (CKCT) crypto-asset has also become inaccessible. In response to the news, loc..

New App Bottle Pay for ‘Sending Bitcoin via Social Media’ Raises $2M

News A U.K. tech firm has raised a £1.6 million ($2 million) investment for an app that allows users to send Bitcoin (BTC) using their social media accounts. As reported in the North East Times, Oct. 11, Newcastle company, Block Matrix, received the funds to further develop its Bottle Pay platform..

As Deepfake Videos Spread, Blockchain Can Be Used to Stop Them

Analysis At a time when the term “fake news” has become a household name thanks to its repeated use by President Donald Trump, deepfakes — i.e., seemingly realistic videos that are in fact manipulated — can further escalate the problem associated with distrust of media. Technologists are looking a..

Spanish Facebook Rival Taringa Is Sold to Smart Contract Dev RSK

News A subsidiary of Argentinian smart contract platform RSK has purchased Latin America’s social media giant Taringa, gaining exposure to 30 million users. RSK-powered rewards for content on TaringaIOVlabs, a startup dedicated to the development of the RSK smart contract network, is already build..

Libra Must Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Standards: US Treasury

News Facebook’s Libra stablecoin must meet the highest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and terrorism financing standards, according to United States Treasury Under Secretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker. Major business news outlet Reuters reported Mandelker’s remarks on Sept..

Crypto Exit Scams — How to Avoid Falling Victim

How to crypto A couple of years back, the term “exit scam” became synonymous with the crypto industry. This was at a time when the market (at large) was replete with a number of cash grab ventures that looked great on paper but had little to no substantive value to back them up. In its most basic ..

ECB’s Yves Mersch Warns Libra Cryptocurrency Is ‘Facebook’s Siren Call’

News Yves Mersch, European Central Bank’s key legal official, said that Facebook’s Libra stablecoin is “beguiling but treacherous” during a speech at the ECB’s legal conference in Frankfurt on Monday. Bloomberg reported on Mersch’s remarks in an article published on Sept. 2. Per the report, he sai..

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