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Cryptocurrency Domains Have Become Hot Property

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology have become mainstream terms and are now featured in most dictionaries. Crypto-related terms have a lot of value when they are tethered to a web domain, and these days digital currency domains are prime real estate, with some selling for up to sev..

Twitter Crypto Scammers Continue to Fly Under the Company’s Radar 

Over the last two years, cryptocurrency scamming on social media has been prevalent. In January 2019, it was reported that crypto impersonation scams on Twitter raked in millions in cryptocurrencies from people pretending to be well known blockchain personalities. Now a new form of deception can be ..

Kik Lawyers Say SEC Has No Strong Evidence, Twisted Facts in Complaint

News Social media organization Kik has responded to a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC’s) complaint alleging that Kik violated securities laws in its 2017 token fundraiser. In a court filing dated Aug. 6, Kik’s lawyers state that the SEC relied on taking quotes out of context..

Online Sentiment Toward Crypto Market in 2019 — Attitudes Are Positive

Analysis Despite all of the bad press that the digital asset industry continues to receive on an almost daily basis, it appears as though the overall sentiment of the online communities in regard to this burgeoning domain is still pretty positive. For example, Comparitech — a research firm that pr..

Crypto Social Media is Breaking Free: How 10+ Blockchain Platforms Pay You to Post

Social media has become so embedded in most people’s everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine life — or even a span of a few hours — without it. While the social media revolution is huge, there’s another revolution within that revolution, driven by users into cryptocurrency, privacy, and immutabilit..

Bitwise: Facebook’s Libra Moved Bitcoin and Crypto Three Years Ahead

News United States-based cryptocurrency index fund provider Bitwise declared that Facebook’s Libra stablecoin accelerated Bitcoin’s (BTC) progress by three years in a letter to investors published on its website on August 1. Libra attracted attention to BitcoinIn the letter, Bitwise’s global head ..

Testing Haven, OB1’s New Social Media and Crypto Marketplace App

On Monday, OB1, the development team who created the crypto-infused marketplace Openbazaar, launched a new platform called Haven. The application is a mobile version of the Openbazaar marketplace, but also includes social media, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and noncustodial wallet services for a ..

Facebook to Work ‘However Long It Takes’ to Win Regulators on Libra

News Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will work as long as it takes to appease regulators’ concerns over its Libra stablecoin. Zuckerberg delivered his statements during the firms Q2 results conference call on July 24. During the call, Zuckerberg said that — some y..

Most Germans Skeptical About Facebook’s Libra, Only 12% Welcome It

News About 71% of German citizens are skeptical about Facebook’s Libra stablecoin, while only 12% welcome it, according to a survey published by German financial association Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende on July 23. Most Germans already have an opinionNotably, the survey also showed that almost every..

Bitcoin Cash Adoption Continues to Spread in North Queensland and Japan

BCH merchant acceptance has continued to grow month after month but there are a few regions in the world where bitcoin cash retail acceptance is thriving. Over the last few weeks, North Queensland and Japan have shown significant growth and continue to dominate as some of the densest territories of ..

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