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Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Oct. 6–12 in Review

Local News The Spanish-speaking world has seen major cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with central bank representatives from all around the world meeting in Argentina, Spain developing various initiatives and projects based on blockchain and the Japan-based crypto exchange Bitpoint offer..

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 30 – Oct. 5 in Review

Local News The Spanish-speaking world is seeing additional cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with the inauguration of a new blockchain campus at a Madrid university, a number of new allegations of crypto scams in the Dominican Republic, Mexico issuing professional certificates on blockcha..

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 22-28 in Review

Local News Spanish-speaking countries made headlines this week, with cryptocurrency and blockchain-related developments on both the governmental and enterprise level. The Congress of the Republic of Peru spoke about the potential of blockchain tech, blockchain firm Aeternity revealed the developme..

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 2–8 in Review

Local News The Spanish-speaking world saw some major developments this week with Spain introducing a reinforced authentication system for payments, Mexico giving fines up to $47,000 for the unauthorized use of crypto and a South Korean blockchain delegation visiting Peru. Here is the past week of..

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Aug. 24-31 in Review

Local News The Spanish-speaking world saw a number major developments this week, with several companies accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and the Venezuelan government making new claims about the use and acceptance of the controversial Petro coin. Here’s the past week of crypto and b..

Santander Expanding Ripple-Powered Payments After Volume Triples

News Spanish banking giant Santander plans to expand Ripple-powered global payment solution to Latin America, a Santander spokesperson told Cointelegraph on Aug. 19. Citing rising transaction volume, Santander wants to expand Ripple’s xCurrent technology to a number of Latin American countries aft..

Andorra Telecom Inks New Partnership to Run Blockchain Node

News Andorra Telecom has entered into partnership with Spanish digital economy-focused non-profit Alastria to integrate blockchain technology into its internal processes, Spanish-language news outlet Diari d’Andorra reported on Aug. 1. Alastria is a consortium of over 800 non-profit organizations ..

Spain Thwarts Bitcoin ATM Scam, Prompting Regulatory Debate Worldwide

Bitcoin ATMs are not currently governed by EU money laundering regulations, and arrests coordinated by Spanish police and Europol in May are bringing new focus to this loophole. A group of eight Spanish and Latin American individuals have been arrested, along with several of their associates, for us..

Busted: Spanish Drug Gang Who Laundered $10 Million With Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin automated teller machines (ATMs) are becoming increasingly used in today’s world. As of the time of writing this, there exist over 5,000 of these machines worldwide, up from 1,000 in 2017. While most of them seem innocuous, sitting mostly unused at the corner of coffee shops and gasoline sta..

Spanish Police: Bitcoin ATMs a Blind Spot for Money Laundering Laws

News Spanish law enforcement pointed out that Bitcoin (BTC) automated teller machines (ATMs) show a gap in European Union’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Bloomberg reports on July 11. Per the report, Spanish police uncovered a local gang that used Bitcoin ATMs to transfer more than 9 mi..

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