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Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Approves State-of-the-Art Tokenized Real Estate Investment Product

CROWDLITOKEN AG pioneers and starts distribution of a digital bond – European retail investors benefit as wellFor the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved the offering prospectus for a tokenized real estate investment product.CROWDLITOKEN AG is..

Launch A Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Turnkey solutions offer a number of advantages for businesses who want to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange quickly, without substantial capital outlay. Since cryptocurrencies emerged over a decade ago, the industry has observed and anticipated how this new segment in the financial industry ..

Storecoin brings tokenized data to the masses, announces latest milestone-based token offering

With every policy shift, every deplatforming, and every data breach, our faith in Big Tech decreases. In Washington, the drums of anti-trust beat ever louder.But what consumers truly want isn’t necessarily a break up of today’s tech companies: they want alternatives. Alternative approaches to da..

Beta Testing in Blockchain

Beta testing is part of the rigorous, product perfecting process most software undergoes before it is released to the public. It is the second phase in which the intended audience samples the product. By the time a product is ready for a beta testing period, it is necessary to have a finished, worki..

Opacity Storage: Handling Your Privacy with Crypto

Opacity provides encrypted file storage that maintains your privacy by never requiring personal account information Technology Has Become Really Convenient! Right?!? It has been clear for some time that online technology trends have been focused on ‘learning’ about you and compiling as much data as ..

SoftSwiss Launches a New Online Casino

SoftSwiss has announced the launch of a new online casino, and it is quite unlike any other they have previously developed. Working in tandem with Direx N.V., the operators have managed to put together a good-looking and entertaining bitcoin casino.BitcoinCasino.io is now live and accepting play..

Bitcoin 2019 Is Coming

By Bitcoin 2019 As crypto winter begins to thaw and the frost starts to melt from the leaves of the token forest, a renewed sense of excitement is beginning to build in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin has survived another down cycle of “mass hysteria,” “death spirals” and “China bans.” It was call..

Challenging Veteran Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges at Utomarket

Offering competitive trading conditions and a wide range of services to satisfy the needs of demanding clients as they evolve The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange industry experienced a hard blow in 2017 when the government introduced a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies and ordered that all trading pl..

DeFi: Seamless Payments with Totle

Decentralized finance (DeFi): The industry of financial services built on the blockchain for the purpose of removing consumers’ dependency on the banking system, enhancing financial security, and expanding consumers’ financial capabilities.DeFi services offer users complete control over their fin..

The Biggest Barrier to Building in DeFi

DeFi services have the potential to make managing finances easier than ever before: We’ve entered the era of programmable financial instruments. DeFi promises us complete control over our funds, stronger security infrastructure, seamless payment functionality, and investment options previously only ..

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