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Binance Shakes up Staking Industry By Offering Zero Fee Tezos (XTZ) Staking

With the rise of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, staking — the act of holding crypto in a special address to secure a blockchain network rather than via mining — is in vogue in the cryptoeconomy. And wherever something goes vogue in crypto, Malta-based exchange giant Binance generally goes too. At ..

Crypto Valley’s Bitcoin Suisse Unveils New Ethereum Staking Service

Swiss “Crypto Valley” pioneer Bitcoin Suisse is going to help its customers secure the Ethereum 2.0 network and get paid for doing so. The crypto-broker and custodian announced as much on November 27th, when the firm unveiled the roll out of its coming Ethereum 2 Staking Service offering. Through i..

New DeFi: Stake DAO Introduces Revenue-Sharing for Crypto Staking Services

Plenty of stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem think Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, wherein users “stake” money in specialized wallets to secure a network in exchange for staking rewards, is the future of cryptocurrencies. The biggest development in the arena is yet to come, namely Ethereum’s p..

Crypto.com Launches New Exchange Eyeing Top-10 Spot Within 5 Years

News Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform, Crypto.com, announced the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange on Nov. 14. The Crypto.com Exchange is intended to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by enabling over one million users the ability to trade digital assets through the Crypto.co..

ETH 2.0 Rewards Next? Coinbase Tezos (XTZ) Staking For Retail Investors

Back in the spring, Coinbase rolled out Tezos staking support on its institutional investor arm, Coinbase Custody. The Tezos ecosystem went abuzz again this week after the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange giant just expanded XTZ staking rewards support to the vast majority of American users on its main..

What is Staking as a Service? Complete Guide

Coinbase’s recent foray into ‘Staking as a Service’ via their Coinbase Custody arm grabbed headlines across the cryptocurrency landscape last month. Representative of an ongoing departure from standalone, traditional custodial services, the move is part of a broader branch of developing narratives ..

Huobi Announces Its Wallet Be ‘Baking’ Tezos With XTZ Support Coming

News The wallet provided by cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will support Tezos (XTZ) native tokens and baking, the wallets official Twitter account announced on July 31. Huobi Wallet to support TezosIn the aforementioned tweet, Huobi Wallet announced that it will support the Tezos native token and i..

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