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Updated Steemit Now Allows Steem Proposal Voting on Steemitwallet.com

News Steemit, a blogging and social networking website that uses its Steem blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers, announced their fellow-Steemians that they can now vote for their favorite Steem proposals without leaving the safety of Steemitwallet.com. Vote for proposals to receive fun..

Steemit Is Now Fully Operational Again After Chain Halted Due to Bug

News Steemit took to Twitter today to announce to their fellow-Steemians that Steemit is back up and running and fully functional after having suffered from a bug in the curations reward curve. Bug in the curations reward curveAccording to a blog post from Sept. 3, Steemit is now fully operational..

Crypto Social Media is Breaking Free: How 10+ Blockchain Platforms Pay You to Post

Social media has become so embedded in most people’s everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine life — or even a span of a few hours — without it. While the social media revolution is huge, there’s another revolution within that revolution, driven by users into cryptocurrency, privacy, and immutabilit..

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