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Currency War Erupts as US and China Bring Out the Big Guns

What started out as a trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies is now a full-blown currency war as the U.S. and China bring their big guns to the battlefield. The impact on the global financial markets was immediate and severe, driving up safe-haven assets as ordinary people fear losi..

U.S Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: New Cryptocurrency Regulations Coming

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says regulatory agencies in the country will have to work together to create new cryptocurrency laws. Crypto-businesses in the country say the patchwork of state and federal laws create a confusing and contradictory environment that stifles digital innovation. ..

U.S. Treasury Secretary: ‘I Bet I Won’t Even Talk About Bitcoin in Five Years’

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes cryptocurrency transactions may pose certain risks to the financial system as they could potentially be used fund illicit activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking. Mnuchin’s recent comments also seemed to imply that Bitcoin might not be..

CNBC Anchor Kernen Calls Out Bitcoin Critic in Latest Pro-Crypto Move

Donald Trump’s tweet about cryptocurrencies has undoubtedly sparked hubbub about this budding class, especially the legality of it all and how it fits into the world of traditional finance. Unsurprisingly, those close to the American president have followed his lead, sparking discourse about Bitcoin..

Tom Lee Is Afraid Trump will Institute a Bitcoin Ban

Fundstrat Lead Analyst Thomas Lee shared his worst nightmare on Twitter and it involved the U.S. President placing a ban on Bitcoin. Is Libra Dragging Bitcoin Down? As the US Congress and Senate hearings on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency wrapped up, members of the Trump administration shifted the..

US Treasury Sec: We Don’t Want Bitcoin Becoming a “Swiss-Numbered Bank Account”

Now that the U.S. Congress and Senate have finished their hearings with Facebook, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has set his regulatory sights on Bitcoin. Increased Regulation on the Table Again It appears that the aftermath of the US Congress and Senate Banking Committee’ hearings on Face..

Bitcoin Price Will Not Hit New Lows, Says Leading Crypto Analyst

Bitcoinist Senior Analyst, FilbFilb, believes that the basic rule of supply and demand will prevent Bitcoin from dropping to a new 2019 low. FUD to Drive Bitcoin to a New Bottom? Bitcoin’s most recent price action has presented a plethora of challenges to cryptocurrency traders, and the drop below..

Gone Mainstream: U.S. Treasury Secretary Echoes Trump’s Crypto Concerns

Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly made it to the global stage. Ever since Facebook unveiled Libra, a take on a digital asset based on a “blockchain” backed by firms in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, global regulators, leaders, analysts, and economists have felt mandated to address Bitcoin and it..

Analyst: Bitcoin Ban Extremely Unlikely Post-U.S. Treasury’s Comment

U.S. Treasury Secretary: Bitcoin, Crypto Are “National Security Issues” On Monday, the U.S. Treasury Secretary made it clear that he is aware of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Libra, especially in regards to what issues they pose to society and traditional finance. “This is indeed a national secur..

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Attacks Bitcoin, Libra

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin touched upon Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency in a Monday press conference, voicing concerns about the misuse of cryptos for money laundering and terrorist financing. Bitcoin, Libra Represent a National Security Issue, Mnuchin Says The cryptocurrency ..

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