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Crypto Brokerage Confirms Bitcoin Being Used as Safe Haven

Despite 2018’s harrowing performance, Bitcoin and its ilk are outperforming all other asset classes in the public market. While some have pinned this trend to market cycles, data is showing that at least some of Bitcoin’s rally has been aided by investors using it as a safe haven. Data from eToro, ..

Bitcoin Has Been Profitable For 98.66% Of Its History

Bitcoin holders have made easier profits than traders who buy and sell it consecutively, according to data provided by Rhythm Trader. The prominent cryptocurrency analyst found that bitcoin has been profitable for 3,817 days out of 3,869 days of its existence. That makes 98.66 percent of its histor..

BMO Strategist Counters Bitcoin “Safe Haven” Narrative

Over the past few months, analysts have begun to talk up Bitcoin as “gold 2.0”. Gold is, of course, a historical safe haven and store of wealth used to mitigate the loss of capital over time and through tumultuous periods in history. While there are a growing number of prominent economists, investo..

Bitcoin vs Gold: Pompliano Says Peter Schiff Will Live to Regret Bitcoin Aversion

Morgan Creek Digital CEO Anthony Pompliano says gold bug Peter Schiff will regret not investing in bitcoin. The pair had an hour-long debate on CNBC about the merits of bitcoin and gold in the face of the coming global economic uncertainty. Meanwhile, the top-ranked crypto continues to experience ..

Five of the Most Important Use Cases for Cryptocurrency

Crypto assets have come a long way since Bitcoin. What started out as a P2P payment system has spawned an array of use cases that extend far beyond the original designation of cryptocurrency. While the primary function of crypto assets such as ETH and BTC is a matter of some debate, what’s indisputa..

“Untouched” Bitcoin on the Rise: Suggests BTC Becoming a Store of Value

For much of its life and to most investors, Bitcoin has been seen as a volatile asset, one that rises and falls at the whim of nothing and no one. But, year-over-year, it has been increasingly seen as the world’s next go-to store of value, one that could potentially usurp gold and its ilk. This tre..

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