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ING: 32% of Europeans Believe Crypto Is the Future of E-Payments

News Most Europeans believe cryptocurrencies can be spent in most stores, according to the results of a survey conducted by ING Bank and published on Sept. 18. Crypto can be spent in most stores?The survey, which has seen 15,000 Europeans from 15 different countries answer questions about crypto, ..

ING Poll: Austrians Are Most Skeptical of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

News An online survey by banking giant ING finds that Austrians are the most skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general. The poll, including respondents from 15 countries, shows that Bitcoin-positivity is also weakening in other countries, according to Der Standard, Aug. 14. The wo..

2% of Americans Trust Facebook’s Libra More than Bitcoin: Research

News Just 2% of Americans trust Facebook’s Libra more than major cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), according to a recent survey by CivicScience. United States-based polling company CivicScience recently conducted a survey of 1,799 American adults to find out the general trends and public concerns over..

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