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Blockchain Registers for Recording Ownership Rights Around the World

Crypto Map The use of blockchain to cement ownership rights for real estate and business has been ongoing since 2016, when the technology was first used to organize new forms of registries and registration of transactions. The blocks are used to record information onto the blockchain system, which..

Xpring Invests In Swedish Startup to Build XRP Hardware Wallet Firmware

News Ripple’s investment arm and tech incubator Xpring has invested in Swedish cryptocurrency self-custody startup Towo Labs to build hardware wallet firmware. Xpring announced the news in a blog post on Oct. 16, stating that the startup plans to develop a new version of the XRP Toolkit and hardwa..

Libra an ‘Important Catalytic Event,’ Says Swedish Central Bank Chief

News The head of Sweden’s Riksbank has characterized Facebook’s Libra project as “an incredibly important catalytic event” that is spurring the world’s central banks to ready themselves for digital transformation. In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe on Oct. 15, Riksbank Governor Stefan I..

Major Swedish Bank Orders Negative Interest Rate on Euro Deposits

Sub-zero interest rates have become the norm in some countries, especially in Europe. Nordic nations such as Sweden and Denmark have been in negative territory for a while and a growing number of banks in the region are now charging depositors for keeping their money. Saving in fiat right now, unlik..

Owning Fiat Just Got More Expensive – NIRP Strikes Again

With the recent Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) announcement that even more customers will be charged to hold money in their banks, people are scrambling to find ways to preserve their wealth, while USB and others scramble to dam the losses resulting from national negative interest rate policy (NIRP..

Swedish Crypto Exchange QuickBit Announces User Data Breach

News Database issues at the Swedish digital currency exchange QuickBit resulted in a breach of sensitive user data, according to an official announcement published on July 22. In the announcement, QuickBit revealed that personal data such as names, addresses, email addresses and card information o..

How Big Hydro Power Partners With Bitcoin Miners to Prevent Energy Waste

We are often told that the verification of bitcoin transactions eats a lot of energy. The largely inaccurate comparison to a small country, the size of Ireland or Denmark, is evoked thanks to numerous clickbait headlines. What mainstream media fails to explain, however, is that bitcoin mining is act..

Money Laundering Fines Worth Billions Help Bankers Avoid Prosecution and Unpleasant Labels

The recent seizure of a cargo ship owned by JP Morgan, a vessel loaded with 20 tons of cocaine according to latest accounts, highlighted the risks of banks’ involvement in illicit activities, inadvertent or otherwise. And although U.S. authorities released the MSC Gayane after the owner, JP Morgan’s..

Italy, Sweden, and Czechia to Lead European Blockchain Partnership

News Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic will share the next one-year presidency of the European Blockchain Partnership, Cointelegraph Italy reported on July 9. Following a meeting of the European Blockchain Partnership today in Brussels, the three countries took on the one-year presidency, which..

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