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Bitcoin Exchanges in India Query RBI over Regulations & Tax Laws

Despite the reversal by the Supreme Court on the ban placed against crypto exchanges by the Reserve Bank India (RBI), local Bitcoin exchanges are still facing difficulties in receiving services from financial institutions. Market participants are now calling on the RBI to offer up much-needed clarit..

Two Thirds of Users Support Taxation of Crypto Assets

Samuel Haig 15 minutes ago Two Thirds of Users Support Taxation of Crypto Assets The crypto industry’s attitudes toward tax are maturing, with a recent survey indicating that two-thirds of digital asset users are in favor of cryptocurrency taxation. 444 Total views 14 Total shares Listen to articl..

Non-Stimulus Tax Rules You’ll Need This Year

Expert Take The United States Internal Revenue Service delayed tax day this year from April 15 to July 15, and perhaps that means many Americans aren’t thinking about taxes during this very strange time. Indeed, they seem understandably focused on the variety of new government programs that compri..

IRS Delays Tax Day to July 15, Still Monitors Crypto

Expert Take Like other financial markets, crypto investors have seen wild swings and devaluations in recent weeks as Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, issues have hit many people all over the world. With safety concerns paramount, it can be easy to forget for a time about more pedestrian issues..

New Zealand Mulls Specific Crypto Tax Exemptions

Tax authorities in New Zealand are proposing certain crypto tax exemptions in a bid to aid the development of the emerging industry. If passed into law, New Zealand will become the latest to allow some form of crypto tax exemptions even as other jurisdictions move towards stricter cryptocurrency ta..

South Korean Tax Policy Association Proposes Two-Step Tax on Cryptocurrencies

News South Korean tax experts have advised the Korean government to apply a low-level trading tax on cryptocurrency profits before subjecting citizens to a transfer income tax, according to a Business Korea report. The Korean government is expected to announce its tax reform plan in late 2020. Th..

IRS Crypto Tax Return Question — Be Careful How You Answer

Expert Take When you file your taxes this year, the Internal Revenue Service will ask you a simple question: “At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?” It’s pretty simple, just yes or no, right? What could g..

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