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Tim Draper Calls For Ross Ulbricht’s Release: ‘We Need Entrepreneurs Like That Guy!’

News One of the most successful investors in the world is calling for the release of convicted criminal Ross Ulbricht. Following up on a September 21 tweet by Tim Draper that was completely sympathetic to the imprisoned Silk Road creator, Fred Schebesta of the Crypto Finder video podcast took a mo..

Tim Draper: Lightning Network to Bring Bitcoin to $250,000 per BTC

The recent downturn in the Bitcoin market has not stopped prominent investors and commentators from making price predictions. Most recently, Tim Draper — a prominent venture capitalist that has made early investments in China’s version of Google Baidu, Tesla, Skype, and Bitcoin — has doubled down o..

Lightning Network Will Drive Bitcoin to $250,000 by 2023 — Tim Draper

News Bitcoin (BTC) could be worth millions of dollars after 2022 as payment processors allow easier transactions, Tim Draper has forecast. Speaking during a Q&A session at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit last week, the pro-cryptocurrency venture capitalist said innovations such as the Lightning ..

Bitcoin Ban Means India Will Get More Corrupt Under Modi — Tim Draper

News India is leaving itself vulnerable to corruption by attempting to ban cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), says Tim Draper. Speaking to California-based media outlet Indica on Oct. 31, the pro-Bitcoin VC investor called on prime minister Narendra Modi to rethink the current hostile enviro..

Bitcoin Will End the Reign of ‘Dictators and Toll Trolls,’ Says Tim Draper

News Billionaire investor Tim Draper has stated that he expects Bitcoin (BTC) — combined with other technologies — to change how governments operate worldwide. In a Medium post published on Oct. 10, Draper calls Bitcoin “the startup currency” and praises its decentralization and borderless nature,..

Tim Draper Bets on New .Crypto Domain to Replace Wallet Addresses

News Tim Draper-backed Unstoppable Domains has launched its new .crypto domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain. The registry allows users to connect any cryptocurrency address to their domain, enabling payments to be made using just the domain name, according to a press release published on Oc..

Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Hosts Blockchain Startup Competition

News The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Budget & Innovation and the city’s Information Technology Agency (ITALA) have partnered with Goren Holm Ventures (GHV) to host a blockchain startup contest called Block Tank. According to a Goren Holm Ventures press release published on Sept. 16, the event wi..

$250K Bitcoin Price Prediction Is Now ‘Conservative,’ Says Tim Draper

News Major Bitcoin (BTC) bull Tim Draper now thinks that his own prediction that BTC price will hit $250,000 by 2022 may be understating the power of Bitcoin. BTC price to grow with adoptionIn an interview with crypto news network Blocktv on Sept. 13, the famous American venture capital investor h..

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Says Bitcoin to Reach $250,000 by 2022

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space has long been rife with either illogical or unfulfilled predictions. One “analyst” came up with the theory that XRP would hit $589 apiece, meaning that the cryptocurrency would have a higher market capitalization than all fiat money (M0) on Earth; others have fl..

Tim Draper Joins Board of Directors at EOS-Based DApp Firm

News Tim Draper, a famous investor with an estimated crypto net worth ranging between $350 million and $500 million, joined the board of directors of EOS-based decentralized application (DApp) firm MakeSense Labs. Draper commented on the appointment in a MakeSense Labs press release on Sept. 9, sa..

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