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India Crypto Renaissance: Industry Sees Rebirth as RBI Crypto Ban Lifts

Analysis Among industry participants and investors, India is emerging as a market to watch for following the overturn of a crypto ban that was placed by the Reserve Bank of India back in April 2018. The prominent investors looking to get a piece of India’s nascent crypto space include Tim Draper, ..

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Spends Seventh Birthday in a Row in Jail

News Ross Ulbricht turns 36 years old today. This will be his seventh birthday in incarceration. Ulbricht is the convicted felon serving two life sentences plus 40 years for his role in creating the Silk Road, the online contraband market notorious for its associations with cryptocurrency. Ulbrich..

Online Petition Asking for Ross Ulbricht’s Release Gathers 275K Signatures

News A petition calling on the White House to release Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the dark web marketplace Silk Road, has gathered more than 275,000 signatures. FreeRoss.org — an initiative created by a group of Ulbricht’s family, friends and supporters — has said that the momentum continues to ..

Tim Draper Wants to Invest in the Coming Crypto “Renaissance” in India

News Billionaire investor and the winner of thousands of Bitcoins (BTC) in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2014 Silk Road auctions, Tim Draper, has set his sights on India’s nascent cryptocurrency industry. On March 22, the venture capitalist tweeted that the Supreme Court’s recent reversal ..

Bitcoin, Not Governments Will Save the World After Crisis, Tim Draper Says

News Amid some notable recovery of Bitcoin (BTC) after a number of subsequent market crashes last week, billionaire investor Tim Draper delivered another optimistic forecast about Bitcoin. In a March 16 interview with 415 Stories podcast, Draper outlined decentralization powered by Bitcoin and oth..

What Do the Richest Men in the World Think of Crypto and Blockchain?

Analysis For the past decade, blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have disrupted everything they have touched — including banking, hedge funds, law enforcement, health care and real estate to name a few. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to revolutionize many indu..

Prominent Investor Thinks Bitcoin Will Rally 2,750% In 36 Months: Here’s Why

As the Bitcoin market has once again become frothy, the amount of retail interest in cryptocurrency has grown once again, with volumes increasing and Google Trends data suggesting this industry is in vogue. Unsurprisingly, mainstream media outlets have sprung to start covering Bitcoin developments ..

Why Top Bitcoin Bulls Think Price Will Explode Over 1,000% Higher

The recent volatility in the cryptocurrency markets hasn’t done much to fend off Bitcoin bulls. In fact, in two recent interviews with mainstream media, two of the industry’s most powerful executives and investors separately confirmed that they think the price of BTC will surpass $100,000 in the com..

Legendary VC Tim Draper Still Crazy Bullish on Bitcoin: Expects Rally to $250k

While the recent volatility has had some investors running scared, the cryptocurrency and blockchain’s space’s most fervent advocates and prominent investors remain committed to the Bitcoin cause. Case in point: on Monday, when he was invited to sit with CNBC’s show “Squawk Alley,” legendary ventur..

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper Quit Stocks for Bitcoin 6 Months Ago

Markets News Tim Draper now holds “a lot” of his portfolio in Bitcoin (BTC) after pulling his wealth out of public stock markets six months ago. Speaking to CNBC on Feb. 24, the VC investor and serial Bitcoin proponent revealed that he had significantly added to his crypto holdings since last year..

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