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Twitter Looking Into Tipping Feature: Sparking Bitcoin Integration Hype

For some reason or another, the citizens of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world have made Twitter their online home. While there are other forums for members of this community to convene such as Reddit or BitcoinTalk, Twitter, a social media platform most often associated with politicians and meme..

Europe’s New Regulations Force Bitcoin Service Bottle Pay to Shut Down

News The Bottle Pay service, which allowed users to send Bitcoin (BTC) via social media accounts, announced on Dec. 13 that it would be shutting down due to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Funds will remain available for withdrawal until 13:00 GMT on Dec. 31, 2019. New user data collecti..

Blockchain Browser Brave Launches Token Tipping Service for Twitter Users

News The blockchain-based decentralized internet browser Brave now allows Twitter users to tip content creators with its native Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Brave discussed the public launch of its token tipping service in an announcement on Aug. 1, wherein users can reportedly specify the amount..

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