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On the Darknet Side: The Role of Crypto as a Means of Exchange

Elena Perez 3 hours ago On the Darknet Side: The Role of Crypto as a Means of Exchange Why is Bitcoin popular among cybercriminals, and what is the future of cryptocurrencies in the darknet? 2353 Total views 75 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 Analysis Due to the transition of many people aroun..

Stellar Will Give 2.5 Million Lumens To Charities to Help During Crisis

News The Stellar Development Foundation has committed up to 2.5 million Lumens to six non-profit organizations to help out during the coronavirus crisis — and they’re calling on the community to help. The SDF will kick the initiative off by donating 100,000 XLM each to six charities, with the rem..

Russia Cracks Down on ‘Anonymous Darknet Networks’ Like TON and Tor

News The Russian communications watchdog has launched an offensive on censorship resistant platforms, including the Telegram Open Network (TON) and privacy browser Tor. Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media — better known as Roskomnadzor ..

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Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Not Affect Bitcoin

With greater interest by central banks around the world to create digital versions of sovereign fiat currencies, there are some concerns about how this...

Venezuela is Serious About Building Up Bitcoin Reserves

Holding reserves in currencies and investment commodities is something that nearly all central banks practice. The United States Federal Reserve, for example, keeps ample...

Cryptocurrency Market Surging on Fundamental Developments

The world of digital currency trading posted very solid transaction volumes on May 8 as Bitcoin returned to its highly anticipated $10,000 level. The...

South Korea is Preparing for a Sovereign Cryptocurrency Future

Over the next two years, the central bank of South Korea will be working on a blockchain project that would create a digital version...

How Blockchain Applications Are Being Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A couple of major blockchain development conferences have been canceled, and the cryptocurrency markets are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but...
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