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Deutsche Boerse’s DLT Security Lending Platform Sees First Transactions

News Commerzbank, Credit Suisse and UBS carried out the first transactions on Deutsche Boerse and HQLAX’s distributed ledger technology-enabled (DLT) security lending platform. According to a Deutsche Boerse press release on Dec. 3, the company jointly developed the platform with fintech firm HQLA..

Former UBS Executive Establishes Digital Securities Insurance Platform

News According to a press release on Nov. 27, Claude Waelchli — who served over 12 years at UBS in various executive positions — launched the Tokenyz platform for issuing digital securities. Waelchli states that the financial industry can benefit from digital securities as they can automate manua..

Passing the Burden of Negative Rates to Bank Clients Opens Door for Cryptocurrencies

Record low and negative interest rates have put commercial banks in a difficult spot. Across Europe, they have been passing the burden to their clients. Some have introduced fees for those with large account balances, while others are punishing everybody equally. In any case, some bankers fear this ..

Owning Fiat Just Got More Expensive – NIRP Strikes Again

With the recent Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) announcement that even more customers will be charged to hold money in their banks, people are scrambling to find ways to preserve their wealth, while USB and others scramble to dam the losses resulting from national negative interest rate policy (NIRP..

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