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Report: ICO Fundraising Plummeted 95% Year-Over-Year in 2019

News A report published by research firm CB Insights has found that equity funding has dramatically overtaken initial coin offerings (ICOs) as the dominant means of finance in the blockchain space. While the largely unregulated ICO boom of 2018 raised $7.8 billion, initial coin offering funding f..

Classics Against Innovations: Can Venture Success Rate Be Outraced by Crypto?

Opinion In a world where blockchain technology is rapidly breaking barriers and disrupting industries one at a time, the emergence of new models to replace classical crowdfunding ventures is just a matter of time. More than a decade after Bitcoin’s introduction, we’ve witnessed new crowdfunding mo..

Mystery VC Firm Wants Sensitive Evidence Redacted From Telegram Case

News Newly published court documents reveal that an anonymous venture capital firm identified as “Investor F” sought to have evidence redacted from the first court hearing for the dispute between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Telegram. On Feb, 18, Investor F assert..

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