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Indian University Students Create Blockchain-Based System for Online Voting

News A group of students from an Indian university has created a blockchain-based voting system that enables voters to cast their ballots online. The voting system was developed by three students from Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women, local business and finance publication The Hindu Busin..

Two More US Jurisdictions Launch Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting

News Two state counties in the United States are implementing blockchain-based mobile voting in the special elections in November. On Oct. 18, the nonprofit Tusk Philanthropies announced its partnership with Jackson and Umatilla Counties in Oregon to pilot the mobile elections platform Voatz. The ..

Andrew Yang Wants to Make US Elections Fraud-Proof Using Blockchain

News Andrew Yang, a 2020 United States presidential candidate in the Democratic Party and blockchain advocate, says he will implement blockchain-based mobile voting as president. According to Yang’s campaign website, Yang believes that Americans should have the option of voting on a mobile device,..

POTUS Candidate Yang Wants Blockchain Voting Despite Security Flaws

Blockchain voting is an essential upgrade to US elections, 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang has said.Yang: Standing In Line To Vote ‘Ridiculous’ Currently causing a buzz on social media, Yang’s proposal would see traditional in-person voting replaced by a Blockchain alternative. It forms ..

Utah County Becomes 3rd US Jurisdiction to Launch Blockchain Voting

News Utah County becomes the third jurisdiction in the United States to offer blockchain-based mobile voting in their municipal primary election. Utah County follows West Virginia and ColoradoOne of the 29 counties of the U.S. state of Utah, Utah County will enable eligible voters to participate i..

10 Things to Track With Blockchain

The advent of distributed ledger technology has comprised the catalyst for a new wave of creative destruction. Here are the top-10 industries that are affected the most

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