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Bitcoin Bull Run ‘Hasn’t Started,’ Says Analyst After New Peter Schiff Remarks

Bitcoin proponents discarded fresh criticism from gold bug Peter Schiff this week after he suggested the cryptocurrency was losing popularity despite its price rise.Schiff: Bitcoin Volume ‘Much Lower’ Than 2017 As a Twitter discussion which began July 29 revealed, Schiff, who is well known as a c..

Bitcoin’s ‘Untouched Supply’ Reaches All-Time High of 21.6%

Newly released data from Coin Metrics shows that the number of un-moved Bitcoin has risen to a new high. Does this mean Bitcoin is a better store of value or does it still have potential as a medium of exchange? Is HODLing Bitcoin Back in Style? Today, crypto-analyst and Tales From the Crypt podcas..

Willy Woo Discusses the Greatest Threat to ‘Bitcoin’s Dream’

Popular crypto-analyst Willy Woo wonders if institutional investment will negatively impact Bitcoin price action. Willy Woo Wonders… On Tuesday, Adaptive Capital partner and crypto-analyst, Willy Woo, tweeted out a thought that has long been on the minds of many Bitcoin investors.In the semi-st..

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