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The Number of Women in Crypto Has Exploded In Q1 2020

Felipe Erazo 3 hours ago The Number of Women in Crypto Has Exploded In Q1 2020 A new study released by CoinMarketCap revealed an increasing growth among female crypto users in Europe and the Americas. 4050 Total views 94 Total shares Listen to article 0:00 News CoinMarketCap released a report whic..

Booking.com’s Entrepreneur of the Year Talks Blockchain and Women in Tech

News Booking.com selected Seema Johnson, the co-founder and COO of blockchain-based payments and ID platform Nuggets, as Entrepreneur of the Year in the company’s Technology Playmaker Awards on April 9. The Playmaker Awards were launched by the global travel company in 2017 to recognize the achiev..

Women in Blockchain: Has Gender Distribution Come to the Crypto Market?

Analysis On Dec. 4, Bitcoin (BTC) fund operator Grayscale published the results of a study that showed 43% of respondents interested in BTC investments turned out to be women. Today, half of Binance’s employees are female — and in India, women make up the majority of crypto investors. Does this me..

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