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Starbucks and McDonald’s Rumored to Be Testing China’s Digital Currency

Andrey Shevchenko 2 hours ago Starbucks and McDonald's Rumored to Be Testing China's Digital Currency Starbucks and McDonald’s are among the many retail companies that will allegedly support digital yuan payments in Xiong’an, one of four pilot program locations. 2923 Total views 62 Total..

Bank Of China Says Digital Yuan Will Not Cause Inflation

The Bank of China’s secretive digital currency tests have led to tremendous curiosity among Chinese citizens. Recently, the bank responded with an official explanation of the proposed digital Yuan and how it would work. A bank representative confirmed on the China Central Television on April 19 tha..

Chinese Government Employees to Get PBOC’s Digital Yuan First

Over the past few days, there’s been an endless buzz on crypto social media about China’s national crypto project. It began with a leaked image seemingly showing a digital wallet application built by one of China’s “Big Four” banks, the Agricultural Bank of China, a state-owned commercial enterprise..

China’s Digital Yuan Reportedly to Test in Four Cities

News Screenshots of a purported pilot version of a wallet app for China’s forthcoming digital yuan are circulating on social media. Ling Zhang, executive director of M&A, Global Fiat, at cryptocurrency exchange Binance first shared the images on April 14, later retweeted by the exchange’s CEO, Cha..

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