The #1 nft project right now on cardano overview!


The #1 nft project on cardano overview!

Are you curious about the Ape Society, one of the most talked-about NFT projects in the crypto space and cardano? Look no further than this podcast, featuring a deep dive into this fascinating community.

We sat down with @quno_steve, a highly active member of the Ape Society, to explore all things Ape. From the project’s history and values to its unique features and benefits, we cover it all in this hour-long discussion.

As someone who’s been part of the Ape Society community for some time, @quno_steve provides valuable insights and firsthand experiences.

Whether you’re a longtime Ape Society supporter or new to the scene, this podcast is a must-listen. So be sure to tune in when it drops on our YouTube channel – you won’t want to miss it!

time stamps
00:00 intro
04:44 merch, cards, and IP
09:00 King Chiesa’s theory was proven right
10:59 craftsman craft
20:33 dao / opportunities for free lancers/ Amphitheater / community / ape force 1
35:51 the Illuminati of the ape society part 1
36:29 the factory
38:55 who doesn’t love a good cigar – blockchain smoker joins the ecosystem
43:04 Pioneerz
44:20 J’s take on the future of nft projects
58:57 the Illuminati of the ape society part 2