The Embodiment Of The Blockchain Zeitgeist Through Cardano: With Charles Hoskinson


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Today, I will be speaking with one of the most well known and well respected blockchain innovators the space has ever known, Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano. Mr. Hoskinson and I are going to discuss the intricacies of Cardano, the philosophies of blockchain that have changed since his entrance into cryptocurrency, the Midnight blockchain, the Age of Voltaire and much more! Topics listed below!


Mr. Hoskinson, it is evident that there are personal ideals and beliefs that go into our everyday decision making, and some of these decisions change our lives forever. When did you decide to enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere, and what ideals, beliefs and principles of this industry align with your own personal believes surrounding life and purpose? Do you believe these principles that you initially aligned with in blockchain when you first entered the space have become nothing more than anachronisms in 2022? Why or why not?

With the consistent collapse of centralized exchanges in 2022, it is evident that centralized exchanges and lending platforms are antithetical to the initial zeitgeist of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. What has the Cardano Foundation learned from the collapse of former renowned projects and protocols such as Celsius, BlockFi, FTX and the algorithmic stablecoin UST?

Cardano is embarking on a brand new position in its roadmap, the Age of Voltaire. Voltaire once said “Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” In the midst of the recent shipwreck of events in cryptocurrency, how is Cardano positioning itself to be a “lifeboat” in the blockchain sphere moving forward into the Age of Voltaire?

Let’s talk about Midnight, something you recently announced. What is Midnight, how does it aid in the inception of privacy in the Cardano ecosystem, what is the native token DUST and why has the Age Of Surveillance proved that privacy is a fundamental human right?

You highlighted at the IO Scotfest in Edinburgh that the “Age of Voltaire” will be an age of “good governance.” What exactly does that mean to you, both in blockchain and in the exterior world of politics and why?

Frederik Gregaard, the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, recently said “Cardano is not a technology stack, Cardano is the people who believe in the technology stack and build the technology.” Why is community such a fundamental building block on the success of any industry, ecosystem or technology? How does the Cardano Ecosystem emphasize and prove this notion?

Moving forward, where do you want to see Cardano and the broader blockchain ecosystem in 2-4 years time? What changes, shifts in ideology and technological innovations do you want to see ubiquitously in this space?

One last question Mr.Hoskinson, you have taken up meditation recently and have shared your consistent meditation schedule. What values has meditation brought to you and your emotional, mental and physical well-being?

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