The Ethereum MERGE EXPLAINED (ETH 2.0)


What is Eth 2.0? What is the Ethereum merge? And what does that mean for crypto?

Because if the Ethereum merge is a success that could make Ethereum very deflationary. Which means, price goes up. And if the Ethereum merge is a disaster, we could have another crypto crash.

So that’s why we’re going to prepare ourselves with KNOWLEDGE but not with financial advice. Cause I’m just a guy on the internet explaining things with some of my own opinions.

What is Ethereum 2.0? Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum is powered by miners that run computers to process transactions. This is called Proof-of-work. But, the drawback of Proof-of-work is that you have to use a lot of electricity and high end computer components.

And let’s say you were a crypto miner, you have a very expensive electric bill, so of course you have to sell some ETH to pay the bills. This creates a consistent sell pressure from the miners. So the sum up, Proof of work is not environmentally friendly, very expensive for regular people to participate and there’s constant “sell pressure” on the coin. The Ethereum team is consistently building and ETH 2.0 is the most significant change in their recent history because they are transitioning from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake.

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00:00 What is the ETH Merge?
00:43 What is ETH 2.0?
02:12 Where are the ETH miners going?
03:10 Is the ETH merge safe?
03:47 Kyber Network
04:27 What is actually happening with the ETH Merge?
04:59 Is Ethereum Deflationary?
07:03 When is the ETH Merge?
07:34 Get paid to find bugs on Ethereum
07:49 Will ETH2 be faster and cheaper?
08:09 Where to stake Ethereum 2.0?

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