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What’s going on ET Fam! I know you all are reveling in all of the green that we’re seeing today. Trust me, I understand the excitement. With the year we’ve been having, any sign of light is something to be recognized. I also realize that I’ve been pretty bearish lately (many of you feel like I’ve been overly bearish). Don’t worry.

Today I come in peace. I actually have good news for you all. I want to talk about a historical event that will change the crypto space for the better. The event that I’m referring to is the long awaited Ethereum Merge! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Merge, this is Ethereum’s transition from being a proof of work protocol to completely proof of stake.

This is exciting because it will bring about a number of huge benefits, like faster transactions, lower gas costs (it’s been rumored that costs could be as low as $.0002 per transaction), becoming deflationary, etc. This is going to be a complete game changer!

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – What is “the Merge”?
01:19 – Why is the Merge so hyped?
01:54 – Reducing ETH issuance
03:04 – Why does the Merge make ETH deflationnary?
04:02 – More environmentally-friendly
04:33 – Will ETH stakers dump?
05:01 – Bull case
05:30 – Macro is king
07:26 – Words of caution
09:45 – Outro

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