There’s Some REAL Fundamental Flaws With Ethereum ‘Merge’ | Lyn Alden


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There’s Some Real Fundamental Flaws With Ethereum ‘Merge | Lyn Alden

As a guest on the Brad Mills podcast, Macro Analyst and Investor Lyn Alden gave her take on several topics, including the fundamental flaws of Ethereum and what she is looking for in her investment decisions moving into 2023. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading for $1,607.39, down 17% in the past 7 days. Despite being down over the past week, the sentiment around Ethereum has been overwhelmingly positive, as it prepares for its move from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The ‘merge’ is arguably considered one of the most important technological upgrades in the history of crypto. Naysayers and skeptics are pointing out that the much-anticipated upgrade will create new participants called builders in the blockchain ecosystem, a move that risks altering the power structure. Under the current system, miners pluck transactions out of a special data pool, and arrange them into blocks that are added to the blockchain. The miners are being eliminated as part of a plan to reduce energy consumption. This change could potentially make Ethereum more centralized at least initially. Lyn Alden chimed in with her views, as she believes the centralization of Ethereum is one of a few fundamental flaws for the second leading crypto.
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