What Will Happen to the Entire Crypto Market After the ETH Merge?


What Will Happen to the Entire Crypto Market After the ETH Merge?

The ETH merge is just a few days a way, ETH issuance on a daily basis will drop by 90% from 13,000 to 1,300. How will this impact the Filipino crypto investor?

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What does the Beacon Chain do?
The Beacon Chain is a ledger of accounts that conducts and coordinates the network of stakers. It isn’t quite like the Ethereum Mainnet of today. It does not process transactions or handle smart contract interactions.

It is a new consensus engine (or “consensus layer”) that will soon take the place of proof-of-work mining, bringing many significant improvements with it.

The Beacon Chain’s role will change over time, but it’s a foundational component for the secure, environmentally friendly and scalable Ethereum we’re working towards.

Beacon Chain impact
Introducing staking
The Beacon Chain introduced proof-of-stake to Ethereum. This is a new way for you to help keep Ethereum secure. Think of it like a public good that will make Ethereum healthier and earn you more ETH in the process. In practice, staking involves you staking ETH in order to activate validator software. As a staker, you’ll run node software that processes transactions and creates new blocks in the chain.

Staking serves a similar purpose to mining, but is different in many ways. Mining requires large up-front expenditures in the form of powerful hardware and energy consumption, resulting in economies of scale, and promoting centralization. Mining also does not come with any requirement to lock up assets as c