Will The ETH Merge Affect Bitcoin? | David Puell


ARK just released a new report on bitcoin and the ETH Merge. Anthony Pompliano and ARK’s David Puell sit down to discuss the new report, the state of the cypto market, potential risks from the ETH merge, the marco economy, and more.

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0:00 – On This Episode..
0:40 – BTC 200 Day Moving Average
2:00 – Bitcoin Investor Costs Basis
4:00 – Charts Suggesting Bottom?
8:20 – Most Long Term Holders Ever – Too Illiquid?
11:15 – ETH Merge – ETH/BTC Outperforming Bitcoin
13:15 – Derivatives Trading Hedging ETH Merge
15:20 – ETH Merge Negatives – Privacy Concerns & OFAC Sanctions
17:30 – Decentralization Vs. Centralization
19:15 – Inflation Rate
22:00 – Home Prices Are Exploding
24:00 – How Is Bitcoin’s Price Holding Up? More Pain Ahead?
26:00 – Where To Find Report and David Online